Friday, June 15, 2012

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Hi, I'm Jazmine. I blog over "Life As A Young Mom". I'm a wife, mommy to 2 little boys, I have a mini chihuahua, I enjoy cooking and baking. If you stop by my blog things you'll see are recipes, pictures of my boys, and my daily life. I do work full time & I attend school full time.
Where do you live?
Wisconsin- CHEESE HEAD!!! Lol

One thing you love about where you live and one thing you hate?
One thing I love about Wisconsin is that: it's very open, you'll see a lot of corn fields, farm, and it's just a nice place to be at. Plus we do have the LARGEST waterpark in the U.S.
One thing I hate is that the weather is never "for sure". For example: In March we went 2 weeks with the weather being horrible such as snow/rain. Then out of no where the weather changed and it was SUPER hot (85 degrees to be exact). So we like to say that mother nature is on her period constantly. Lol
Why do I blog?
I started to blog because I wanted a way to keep track of my babies milestone. But now I do it because I like to express my feelings on days that are good or bad. Plus I get to meet new friends!

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Our Beautiful Blessings
Hello there lovely readers! 
I'm Bronwyn and I blog over at Our Beautiful Blessings.

I am a lover and follower of Jesus Christ....and my first priority is to serve Him in everything I do.
I married my best friend, Stephen, on October 9, 2011.
We were 19 when we got married!
I'm a sophomore in college, studying Bible and Teacher Ed. to be certified to teach K-12 ESL.
I work at Chick-Fil-A.
I can't wait to be a mommy someday.
My husband and I talk to each other in silly voices sometimes.
I tend to be rather crafty and I have an etsy shop
I like to sing in the shower.
I spent 8 weeks in Guatemala right after I graduated high school and absolutely loved it.
We are going to be missionaries after we graduate.
I am pinterest obsessed.
I like to be clean and organized, but I never seem to have the time to do either.
I blog to remember things, to inspire people, to write what's on my heart, to have a creative outlet, to remember just how blessed I am, and to document our young marriage.
I hope you'll come by and stay a while.
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Hey, y'all! I'm J and I blog over at An Unstyled Life. I'm a part-time bail bondsman, part-time mark. representative, a full-time event planner, and a full-time wife and momma. *deep breath* I mostly blog about our life, but I've been known to blog about trashy reality shows (I'm addicted!), maybe a little fashion, and pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. I love finding new blogs, so come say hi so I can visit yours! You can also find me on the twitfacebook, and pinterest!


Hi, I'm Felicity. Full time pre-service teacher, part time blog designer, BIG time blogger! Gemini by birth and definitely by nature. In love with a stubborn, yet kind-hearted Aquarius. Mother to a gorgeous miniature dachshund named Phoebe and a spunky maltese terrier named Joey. Yes, we named them after 'Friends' characters. ;) Feel free to stop on by and stay a while. I look forward to meeting you! :) 

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 My name is Tiffany and I blog over at the Momma Bear diaries. I am a twenty something stay at home mom transplanted from Georgia to a blistering cold northern state. I'm in the middle of three bears. Sometimes, I cook, I always clean, and better yet I have the web design gene. My blog is my place to tell you about it all! Feel free to stop by and send me an email to say hello!

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