Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Dip Dyed Pillowcase

Try saying that 5 times fast. 

I'm kind of obsessed with the whole dip dyed/ombre trend going on right now. The best thing about creating something dip dyed is that it's so easy. And really cheap, I mean a box or bottle of dye is only a few dollars. You could totally up cycle a shirt or a pair of shorts in minutes. Here are a few that I am crushing on lately. 

The lamp - ah swoon!

 These cute little cups.

This dress!

I really do love it and I wanted to incorporate it into the house somewhere. The best place to add pops of color and change things around without going to crazy, is pillowcases. A simple change in pillow cases can transform a room without breaking your budget. 

For mine, I made my pillowcase. If you are feeling crafty you can check out this youtube video. She does an excellent job explaining how to make an envelop pillow case. These truly are the easiest. All you need is fabric. No buttons, zippers - easy peasy. If you are learning how to sew, this is a great starter project. 

You'll need a pillowcase (handmade or store bought) 
Fabric dye
Bowl with water (not shown)
Hanger (not shown)

Prepare your fabric and dye according to the directions on the package. 

When your fabric is ready just decide how far you want to dip it into the dye. I just kind of went with it and kept dipping until I liked where the color was and how dark it was. I didn't want it very dark, the subtle green is what I was looking for. 

Once you achieve the color you are looking for hang your pillowcase up and let it dry. Once mine was dry I washed and dried it.

Then iron it if it's wrinkled and pop it on your pillow!! 

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  1. Oh so cute! And so easy.... Watch out apartment, i might start dying everything!

    1. I know! I told Ryan I want to dye all the things!!

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  3. SO CUTE!!!!!!! Love it girl!

  4. Ooh pretty! It's just the right pop of color!

  5. Very cute. Love the dip dyeing!! Stopping by from Truly Lovely linky party. Here is what I shared this week:

  6. Gorgeous!! Great job! Thanks for linking this up to Fantabulous Friday at Little Becky Homecky!!

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