Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY Fringe Infinity Scarf with Paige

Kitchen redo has begun. I am currently sanding, priming and painting my way to my dream kitchen. While I am away please enjoy these guest posts from some sweet ladies! 

Hi ya'll! I'm Paige and I'm the blogger behind Eloping Stethoscope where I blog about newlywed life, nursing school and other random things. These random things could literally be anything under the sun. You'll probably find a lot of book reviews and link ups because it's summer and I have a lot of time on my hand. If you're a newlywed, then definitely check in later in July because I will be doing an entire series on mine and my husband's elopement! In August, I'll blog about nursing and general college tips. 
I'm also starting a blog hop on July 11th so stop by for that!

But for today, I'm here at Little Mudpies to get to know some of Lindsay's readers while she's redoing her kitchen, which I'm sure will be amazingly beautiful when she's done! I'm going to show you how to make a really cute, really cheap, DIY fringe infinity scarf.

Alright, so if you're like me, you're seeing these fringe t-shirts everywhere, bringing out the hippie in all of us! I like the style, I like the look, I just can't make myself wear a shirt like this. I don't know what it is. ( could be hubsters making fun of this look-he is just not a hippie at all).


So, when I came across this scarf on Pinterest, I decided "what the heck? I could make that!" The tutorial on pinterest was just pictures, and didn't have a link back to the source so I decided to try my  hand at it and spell it out a bit more clearly. 

First, grab an old t-shirt that's a size or two too big. I didn't have one, so I stopped at Michael's to get one. I wanted red, but brown was cheaper.

Second, cut off the bottom of the shirt. You could actually cut a little bit lower than I did, because I may go back and cut off some of the part that isn't fringe. 

Then, cut off the seam at the bottom. If you leave it on, your fringe isn't going to be as fringe-y

Now, you're ready to start cutting! Just cut strips all the way up the shirt. Depending on how long you want your fringe, cut shorter or longer. You can do tiny, half inch strips like I did or wider or smaller strips.

Finally, you're read to start pulling. Hold the top of your scarf and then just pull and stretch out the fringe. I found it stretches more if you only pull one or two at a time.

*Sidenote: Behind these photos, is a crazy woman using her feet to hold down the scarf so that I can take pictures of me pulling the fringe out. The things I do for blog photos!

You're done! You've now accomplished two trends in one: the infinity scarf and the fringe trend (hey, that kind of rhymed!) It looks cute and trendy and you probably spent zero dollars on it. If you're like me, you spent $2.49 which still isn't bad. Holla!

If you love cheap DIY projects, you can check out a couple of more here (DIY jewelry organizer) and here (DIY wall decor)

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How cute is that? I can't wait to try to make my own. 
I knew I was saving all those t-shirts for a reason! 


  1. I love a quick, easy, and free scarf. Thanks for this simple tutorial.

  2. CUTE!!! Love that you recycled the shirt!

  3. I like it I like it I like it!!!! I did something similar but braided it. I like the fringe better!!!


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