Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Jealousy

I was worried about how Oliver would react once we brought Landon home. He was almost 22 months, he had been my one and only, I was scared he would become jealous or sad.

He surprised me. He loved Landon from the moment he saw him laying in his little bassinet in the hospital room. "Baybe" he would say over and over.

He still does love him, that is evident, however now that Landon is getting older and makes it known that he wants my time too, Oliver has been 'acting out.'

It's common, I realize that. He is 2 and very stubborn. He knows what he wants and won't back down until he gets it. I love that about him, but it also annoys the crap out of me.

I've been trying to give him more of my time when I can. I believe he's acting this way because he's not getting enough of just me. Sure I feel like I am being pulled in 45 different directions but that's the life of a mom. I will do what I can to make him feel special.

He's worse with other people. Ryan and my grandmother mostly. If they are paying any attention at all to Landon, Oliver immediately needs them. If they don't jump and go with Oliver or pay attention to him. He goes all 'limp noodle' (if you're a parent you know what this means!) and starts throwing a tantrum. It happens with me too, but I am so beyond the tantrums I just tell him he's okay and walk away. I've noticed the more I feed into it, the longer and more dramatic it lasts.

It's hard when they both need different things. Landon wants to crawl around on the floor and explore his surroundings. Put things into his mouth and jump around in his jumper. Oliver wants to be outside, running and swimming in the pool. I try to give them both what they needs, but sometimes I fail and they both are miserable.

Two kids are hard. It was easy for awhile, but now, lately, there are a lot of meltdowns {some from the kids, more from me....}

I'm not sure what to do about the jealousy, I'm sure its a phase that will eventually pass and something new will fill it's spot. But for now we just keep moving alone. Taking one day tantrum at a time.


  1. Lol Rylan is a jealous butt when it comes down to Landon getting more attention. He starts throwing temper tantrums and it's not cute. But he's learning now that Landon is still little and he needs more attention then he does. But I know what you mean about trying to give both boys what they want and making sure they're both happy.

    And here I thought jealousy wouldn't be an issue with 2 boys. Lol

  2. Oh dear, my younger (much younger) brothers were 2 1/2 years apart in age. But the jealousy strangely came from the younger one. I have pictures where the younger brother is throwing a fit and kicking things b/c it was big brothers birthday and he wanted the gifts lol. Younger brother was only 2 at the time btw :)

    1. Oh no! I've heard that sometimes the younger ones feel 'left out' during the special times of older siblings. I'm sure it will happen when Landon get's older and realizes what's going on. It's exhausting trying to make sure everyone is happy! lol.

  3. Oh Hun just wait :/ it will soon turn into screaming matches and hitting one another & the lil one learns from the older :( sibling rilvery is not fun! Deep breaths deep breaths sometimes I don't know how I'm not bald! LOL soon we can throw them all together haha :)

  4. It's here too! Except Declan hits or his new thing bites his sister if she has or is doing something he wants. Brooke has been very jealous too of Declan! No way to make either happy somedays! And it's gotten worse since Declan has been potty training!

  5. You had me singing the song "Hey Jealousy" the whole time I read! Hopefully it's a quick stage that they'll grow out of soon! Good luck!!!

  6. I'm with you on this! Except Travis started from day one because he was almost 14 months and not willing to share. It's been almost three months and he is starting to adjust but it feels like the terrible twos started way too soon!

  7. Aaden does all of that and his sibling isn't even here yet! The "limp noodle" is my favorite ( or should I say not so favorite). The joys of motherhood LOL :)

  8. Ha! Love that picture...we aren't there yet...but I'm quite familiarly with the limp noodle... yesterday our oldest did that and in the process bit his lip and started bleeding everywhere. Two is a handful! New follower here!!


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