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Jackie's Letter to Her 18 Year Old Self

Kitchen redo has begun. I am currently sanding, priming and painting my way to my dream kitchen. While I am away please enjoy these guest posts from some sweet ladies! 

Greetings Little Mudpiers!
I'm Jackie, and I blog over at perched. I'm really happy to be with you today while Lindsay and her hubs work on their kitchen overhaul!

I was so, so deeply moved by Lindsay's letter to her 18 year old self that I thought I might write one to my 18 year old self to share with you, instead of a generic guest post just introducing myself. I guess you're really getting to know me today... hope you're prepared! I think I am.

A little background. I was 18 about 11 and a half years ago. I had already graduated high school, and had almost an entire semester of college down when I turned 18, so 17 had really been a bigger year, but I think 18 year old me had A LOT to prepare for. I know that, if I had known then what I know now, things would've been very different... but I don't know if I would like them as much. Who knows?

So, without further ado...

Dear Jackie,

You're 18. When you are 24, this picture of you, from your first day of college, with your first roommate DLDM, will be posted on facebook:

DLDM and my 17 year old self on our first day as roommates...
all downhill from there.

You don't know what facebook is yet, they only have it at Harvard and your less than ivy league college won't have it for another 2 years, but trust me, it's great.

You and DLDM are still friends - even when you're 30. I know that that may seem strange, given how much you wanted to murder her for never doing her laundry last semester. I know, trust me, it gets better when you don't live together. See.. Proof!
Junior or Senior year of college... I don't remember.
Lala, me, and DLDM. I know for a fact that I wasn't drunk.
I remember very clearly just dropping by and not having consumed any
controlled beverages that evening.
This is just how much fun we are.
DLDM is totally drunk though.
You know those two girls across the hall? Yep, ACC and DBK. They're already your best friends this year, but they will continue to be next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and on and on and on. You'll take on another BFF next year, A-MI. She's very small, and hard to read sometimes, but you will bond, and no matter what you know you will all be able to count on each other. You will be in each others weddings (yes! YOU GET MARRIED! I'll tell you more about that soon!), you'll be there for all the ups and downs in your lives.

you *will* ignore the wedding duckface.
me, ACC, A-MI, and DBK

awkward family photo in rockefeller center with DBK

Idina Menzel concert at Wolftrap with AM-I and ACC.

ACC vomiting basketball on my face.
I love this classic picture of us.

There will be so many more friends, and so many more people that come in and out of your life, but these three girls will be constant. You will live across the country from each other. You will struggle to keep in touch - which you should really work on, Jackie. You're terrible at phone conversations, and you make your friends work to get in touch with you - but ultimately, at the end of the day, these are the people you run to when things get hard. Rely on them. Make sure you don't take them for granted. They love you. Don't screw it up.

So, next year, you're going to meet your future husband. The moment you meet him, you will think that he's a completely insufferable dork. That's okay, because he thinks that you're a stuck up snob!

You get over that. Both of you.

He sees you at your worst before he even makes the leap to date you. He stalls when you make the first move. But you know, very early on, that he's the one.

Don't screw it up.

You live for drama. You know that, right? You love the chase, and once the chase is over, you give in to your crazy desire to "make things interesting" again. Don't do that too much. Don't frivolously break up with him when you get bored, and don't be surprised if he does it back. But, do work hard for him. He's it for you. He's the one that will make every day better. I promise.

You're going to quit acting. I'm sorry. I know that's hard for you to hear, but deep down, I think you already know it's true. You're not like the rest of them... you don't live and breathe theatre facts. You don't only listen to musicals, and you don't like memorizing lines. The singing and the dancing are really hard to give up, but you do it, and sometimes you still sing in public - weddings, drunk at the karaoke bar, stuff like that. The ironic thing is, you will quit while you're still getting work. In retrospect, I think we quit while we were ahead to not feel like a failure. I'm sorry about that. I really am. Maybe if we stuck with it things would be different, but... Sorry.

BUT, after you quit, you move to New York City! How weird is that?! You make the big move with B and ACC, your rocks. Your favorite people ever. ACC is the BEST roommate, and the three of you have so much fun together. They're the core of your little family in the city. They keep you sane and whole. 

The sister wives and B
There are dogs and cats that make you happy. You'll do things you never thought you could do, like run an animal rescue, but remember to stop before you lose all your hair and too much sleep. You're amazing to me, even now, that you've come this far, and I'm excited to see where we'll go.

There's so much more, but I don't want to give it away. Don't lose your spirit for adventure. Don't be afraid of saying hi to strangers, and please, please, never forget that your talent and abilities will take you much further than you ever thought. Be proud of yourself.

Don't rush to grow up too fast. Soon we'll be pushing 30 and wishing we were you again.


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