Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet Tiffanie and Mason

Kitchen redo has begun. I am currently sanding, priming and painting my way to my dream kitchen. While I am away please enjoy these guest posts from some sweet ladies! 

Hello! I'm Tiffanie from Life With The Little Man! I am a 20 something momma of an adorable little boy man and a wife to an excellent hubby.

 Arent they cute?! That picture was taken at our last family reunion at a local spring. You can read about it here if ya want.

  I love to blog about my everyday life and funny adventures in parenting... and let me tell ya... there are some funny hilarious adventures! You never know what is up my little mans sleeves sometimes. He comes up with the most funniest stuff! I can only image what life will be like with him as he gets older. He loves to do all sorts of different things but his favorite..... he loves being "Mr. Cool" in his aviators. He is obsessed with his sunglasses and his shoes! Anytime we go out he has to tell EVERYONE that he has "new shoes". Even if he is playing with his toys he will stop to tell me he has "new shoes". Last night before he went to bed this was the sweet conversation we had.

Me: Goodnight Mason, Mommy loves you
Mason: Momma!
Me: Yes baby
Mason: (while pointing to his feet...mind you he is barefoot and in bed) New shoes
Me: I know you got new shoes, they are pretty cool
Mason: Momma!
Me: Yes baby
Mason: New Shoes
Me: Mason we cant wear our shoes to bed
Mason: Momma!
Me: (slowly walking to his door) Good night baby... love you
 - And with the door fully closed, I hear him in his room - 
Mason: Momma! Momma! Momma! New Shoes

He is so in love with his shoes.. which brings me to my next picture...

This is my handsome little man on the fourth of July. He has his sunglasses on AND shoes while playing in his POOL!

He is such a ham!

Thanks to Lindsay for asking me to guest post today! I love meeting new people so I hope you all come by to say hi!


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