Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stop and Feed the Ducks

Have you ever noticed that people actually enjoy feeding the ducks? I know I do, I have loved it ever since I can remember. It's one of my greatest memories as a child, going to the local park with our loaf of bread and feeding the ducks.

The enjoyment Oliver got out of throwing little pieces of bread at these ducks was unbelievable. To say he was excited, is an understatement. He was beyond. We have ducks by our house, but they are scared. They stay in the water and swim away just as fast as they arrive. They don't hang around. And they certainly don't take a nap next to you, while you're eating your lunch.

Life has been....chaotic lately. The boys are growing and their needs are changing. I feel like I am being pulled in 42 different directions. I find myself wishing for the clock to speed up, willing nap time to come - soon. I hate it. I hate that I feel so overwhelmed with my children. I hate that I wish the time and days away just so I can have some alone time. Which seems so few and far between these days.

As we sat and ate our lunch today on that little red blanket. I fell in love with my children again. I watched Oliver as he tossed little pieces of bread to those ducks. His smile, his giggle the way he would point and shout. He held out a piece of bread for the duck to take out of his hand. So brave and proud when he did it.

And then Landon, experiencing the world around him. Taking it all in. Hands in the dirt. Eyes wide. Grabbing at our lunch with eagerness. Wanting to try everything we had. Making funny faces when I tried to feed him pureed peas.

This. This moment right here is what I needed. Sure my children had fun. They had a completely new experience but I got something out of too. The simplicity of the day, the joy on their faces, that brings me happiness. But the time I got to just sit and watch to take it all in was enough to make me feel like I can be a better Momma.

Some may stop and smell the roses, we stop and feed the ducks.


  1. You know what, we do the exact same thing. There's a park in the next town over that I take the kids to when I need to unwind and feel the fun again. They love the simple fun of throwing the bread and the squeals of laughter relax me and remind me to enjoy the simple things. Me time is hard to come by and sometimes I have a late night here and there so I can get some.

    Maybe we need some duck time soon too. Great post. :)

  2. I was always one of those people who loved to go and feed the ducks growing up! It's something that I think Sydney would love too! I am now going to be on the hunt for a good place to do this! lol. Where I lived in the south they were all over, but I don't see them quite as often here. :-(
    LOVE this post!

  3. such sweet pictures! && i know what you mean about hating to "wish the day away." I love the time I get to spend with Hayden, but I am always a little happy/relieved when naptime rolls around. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing - we mamas definitely need our time to unwind.

    On another note, my hubby is totally in love with ducks {yes, i said husband, not child!} lol - we totally need to find something like this around here!

  4. Love this...we have a duck pond close by and I'm not sure why we don't go more often! We always enjoy it when we go and my son, well he loves it. New follower!


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