Friday, August 31, 2012

My Little Brave One

We had Oliver's cardiologist appointment on Wednesday. First of all let me say that I am so glad to have that over with. The days leading up to it were filled with worry. Yes, even though his pediatrician and the nice nurse from the cardiologist's office reassured me that it was most likely nothing, I was nervous.

We arrived to the appointment a half an hour early. The receptionist was less than pleased. She was rude to us when we sat down and signed in. She made sure to remind us that our appointment wasn't until 9am and that we were 'really early'. We were there at 8:30. We weren't that early.

I was trying to keep my mind occupied so I was playing around on my phone, when she noticed she said "No Phones Allowed!" I apologized, but then I really wanted to tell her where to shove it.

It just pissed me off because if I was her I would really try to be polite as possible to the parents. All the parents, but especially the new ones that have never been there before. Working in a place with sick or potentially sick kids, the parents are probably a little nervous. Mindless Facebook surfing never hurt anyone.

The entire time we were waiting for Oliver's name to be called, I kept thinking about how I was going to say something to her when we left. Just a reminder that she might do this everyday but we have never been there before. Our lives could be changing dramatically and to maybe have a little compassion. Sure, rules are rules. But there are nicer ways of getting the point a crossed. Even Ryan was going to say something to her. And he never speaks up.

She was nicer when we gave our insurance information, and I never did end up saying anything. I still should of even though her attitude did change. My mind was elsewhere when we left.

They brought us back to the room and we had to remove Oliver's shirt for the Echocardiogram. Seeing my little boy and his skinny little body laying on the table was a little too much for me and I immediately started to cry. I could tell that he was nervous so I tried so very hard to hide it. I failed, miserably. The sonographer was very sweet and reassured me again that it was most likely nothing.

Watching my brave little boy lay on that table and watch the beating of his heart on the screen with wonder, amazed me. Here he was with stickers on his body, being poked by the little wand and he just laid there. In that moment I saw what my little boy was made of - courage. Sure he may have been a little scared, but he stayed strong. Much stronger than me.

As Ryan and I watched his heart beating on the screen we held onto each others hands and he would squeeze 1....2...3.


I knew I wasn't in this alone. Whatever the outcome, whatever happened next I had my best friend by my side.

And that gave me the courage and the strength to pull myself together and stop the tears.

The doctor came in and said that everything looked fine. They still wanted to do an EKG but his ECHO looked great. He was explaining that they rate the murmurs on a scale of 1 - 6. One being the least and six being major. Oliver's wasn't even on the scale. That made me feel better. The kindness of the doctor and the residents that were working with him reassured me and calmed my fears. They all complimented Oliver on being so good during the entire visit. I was telling the sonographer that we have been talking about going all week. How I explained to him that they were going to take pictures of his heart. She was so nice, that she printed out a picture for Oliver to take home.

He's proud of his picture and has been showing everyone.

I feel so silly getting so worked up over such a little thing, when there are kids out there that are suffering. But to me and to us at the time this was a big thing. I think that when something happens to a child whether its minor news or major a momma will initially worry.

With that said, thank you for all the kind words and well wishes. The emails and prayers have been overwhelming and I cannot thank you all enough for being here with me as I dealt with my first serious Momma problem. Thanks to those with the reassuring words and stories. They truly did make me feel better and ease some of my fears. I love you all.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oliver's New Shirt

A few weeks ago I was contacted to participate in the Next Direct Kids Line challenge. 
Let The Kids Do The Talking
After checking out their line of kids clothes - I jumped on the opportunity!

 I had to pick an item from a list 
they sent the item to us 
and Oliver had to make a video about it. 

I ended up picking the most adorable shirt. 
Seriously, how cute it that?

So without further ado, here is Oliver 
modeling and talking about his new shirt

Ha, yeah, so trying to get a two and a half year old to talk about his shirt was a little challenging. 
He does love it though, as do I. 
His favorite part about the shirt - "The buttons"
Yup, seriously he liked the buttons!

Super cute and not the typical type of shirt you would see around here. 
Now that I know of Next, I plan on ordering more stuff soon!

Month 9

Hey Little Man, 
You aren't so little anymore. 

According to your last appointment, which was a few weeks ago when you didn't feel good
you were 19 pounds. 

19 pounds!

Its no secret you love to eat. And since you have taken to 'people food' so well, cooking for everyone has been so much easier. 
You love to eat what everyone else is eating. No more of that pureed crap for you!

You are still standing and trying so hard to let go. You'll get it! 
I did catch you walking the other day while you were holding onto the Lego's bin. 
I'm glad it was only a one time thing - I am not ready for you to walk. 

You love to play with your brother, I am sorry that he is just so busy with his Lego's to even notice. 
The only time he does notice is when you steal one of his blocks. 
He hates that. You think it's funny. 

You are pretty tough. You get great joy out of crawling on and tackling your brother. 
Sometimes Oliver likes it, sometimes he doesn't 
Again you think it's hilarious. 

You are a little ham and love to have your picture taken. 
I'm sure that is because I am always trying to take pictures of you and your brother. 

Oh and you also keep saying "Dada" it's more like "Adadada" but your father and Oliver think you're saying Dada.
Lets work on "Momma", okay?!

Giving kisses
Cuddling with Momma 

Linking up here



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Life....Now

We'll it feels like I have officially landed in Crazy Town. If I wasn't busy enough before, I am sure busy now.

I have decided that I do not need to join the gym. Running around after two kids and a little puppy keeps me on the move. At this rate I'll be toothpick thin in no time.

I'm pretty exhausted.

Oatmeal Stout is a great little puppy. But I don't really feel that I am a 'dog person'. I've never identified myself as a dog person, I've had cats my whole life, cats, who are independent and quiet. Who want to hang out when they want too, and will hide when they want to be left alone. Cats, who pee in the litter box after being shown only a few times.

That is what I know.

This little needy puppy is not something I am use too. She is a challenge for sure. However, for the last few days or so, she seems pretty easy. She likes her crate, so that is good. She even goes in it willingly when she is tired. I honestly don't blame her, she's safe in there. No toddler wanting to carry her, no baby pulling her ears and if she lays way in the back, no human daddy poking her to wake her up.

Sometimes I wish I had a crate to hide in.

Potty training. Well I have one kid who has successfully jumped onto the potty train. Lets see if I can get another 'kid' on this train.

She's not bad at it. She's only had a few accidents. Again I have nothing to compare her too. Unless we compare her to my cats, and if we do then she fails. Majorly. But that wouldn't be fair.

At night she gets up maybe once, she's good about going out and doing her business. It's during the day that she is distracted. By the leash, or the random leaf on the ground, the grass or the airplane flying overhead.

I'll hang out with her now, now that it's still nice out. But come winter, when the snow is falling and it's freezing outside. I will be hiding out in the house and leave the potty breaks to Ryan.

Speaking of the cats, Oatmeal is interested.

The cats however, they are picky about who they let into their inner circle and Oatmeal is has not been invited in. They want nothing to do with her.

We have two cats, Bigfoot and Tallulah we haven't seen Tallulah since we brought Oatmeal home. For all I know, she has packed her bags and moved out. As for Bigfoot, he hangs out where he can watch Oatmeal at all times, but if she gets too close, he will make it known that she is in his house. 

Unless her food is out, then he happily walks by her and offers to test the food for know, to make sure it tastes alright.

All in all, she is sweet.

And she might just turn me into a 'dog person'

Oatmeal had a great idea, she said because y'all are so sweet, that I should offer you a code for the shop. It's good until Labor Day!! Happy Monday!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Stop Hashtag Abuse!

Can we just talk about something real quick? Something that has been annoying the crap out of me for awhile.

The damn hashtag. Ya, know the sign formally known as the pound sign. Yes, it's like Prince.

Except not nearly as cool.

It's really obnoxious to see on Facebook, in blog posts and of course in tweets. It doesn't make you look cool - it makes you look dumb. Like Zubaz.


Just say no!


I know this is the 'social media' age and whatever, but somethings should just stop. Or there should be some kind of hashtag etiquette.

For example:

1. NO HASHTAGS in blog post. Please, just don't do it. Writing #Coolestdayever does not emphasize how cool it was, it just annoys the crap out of me that I had to read it written like that. Just write coolest day ever - your point will come across just fine.

2. NO HASHTAGS on Facebook. Facebook doesn't even recognize the hashtag so typing it in there, makes you look silly and your status look dumb.

3. Enough with the stupid sayings, on twitter, pinterest whatever. It's not #Epic. with or without a hashtag it's dumb. That is hashtag abuse. Actually if you do use hashtags in your posts, or 20 word hashtags on twitter I unfollow you. It's like that passive aggressive talking like a baby crap. If you have something to say....Just. Say. It.

Please people, I am trying to help you, I am like your Hashtag sponsor here to tell you that you look silly using them and abusing them. I'm not telling you to stop completely, but just take it down a notch.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Official and a New Family Member

Oliver is potty trained.

I've held off on this post for over a month now, because I really wanted to make sure that it wasn't just a fluke. It's the real deal and I am so ridiculously proud of him.

You may remember this post from forever ago about us trying. Yeah, well it kind of went out the window after I wrote it. He wanted no part of it and I wanted no part of the fight of pushing him to do something he didn't want to do.

I wanted it to be his decision.

A month or so ago when I asked my sweet swaps to guest post for me while I repainted our kitchen (the reveal is coming soon, I promise - I just need to get my ass in gear!) Tiffany offered up her tips on how he potty trained her daughter.

We tried that route. Oliver thought it was funny at first, going to the bathroom every time the alarm went off. But by the third or fourth time he hated it. He would cry and scream.

Again, I didn't want him to fear it. I wanted him to want it. That's how I would know he was truly ready.

So I said, "Okay, here is your potty - if you want to use it, you can." I let him run around naked for the first day to see what he would do. After I said it, he went over and went. In the freaking potty. He just kind of sat there stunned.

Of course, I started jumping up and down like a crazy person. We have a potty chart in the bathroom, that has stickers. He got a sticker for his chart. He was really happy.

It was all down hill after that.

Now, he insists on standing while peeing. Awesome right?! I think so, I didn't even need to tell him too, he figured that out all on his own.

I am happy to say, we haven't had any furniture accidents. He recognizes the feeling and knows when he needs to book it to the potty.

I am so proud of him, I am excited to only have one kid in diapers. I am super excited for little underwear and for him doing it all on his own.

Thank you pee pee Gods for making this process painless!!

Meet "Oatmeal Stout"

She is the newest member of our family. 
And she is the sweetest little thing, ever. 

We are all learning on how to live life 
with Oatmeal. 
Expect to see more of her!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Tuesday Tango ::Link Up::

Hey guys, 
I'm taking a little break from the blog today to 
spend some time with the family.
and finish my kitchen. 
Totally not done with that yet. 
I'm excited though - because today I am helping 
co-host The Tuesday Tango. 
I would love for you to link up!
Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Everything Was a Blur.....

......After the doctor told me Oliver had a heart murmur at his 30 month appointment today.

We were just going in for a check up, everything had been fine up until this point, I saw no reason to worry while we were getting ready only hours prior. 

I planned on asking her about the tantrums he's been having and his strange eating habits. 

But when she told me she detected a heart murmur, my world stopped. 
I sat there....stunned.

She said it could of been because he was moving around and she wanted to give him a few minutes and try again. 

Same the second time. 

I asked if it was something I should be freaking out about, and she told me no. 
That it's actually pretty common and most of the time, it's nothing. 

But I am freaking out. 

I'm not going to lie,
 I am crying now and I have been crying on an off since I found out this afternoon.

It's scary when anything could potentially be wrong with your child, no matter how minor it is or may be, he still needs to go to a pediatric cardiologist. 

So that is our next step. 

Prayers and positive thoughts, for my sweet little boy, please. 

The Writing is on the Wall.


See here.

Well actually its the drawing is on the wall.

And if you ask Oliver, it's circles.

Apparently our walls were too blah for him, he needed to decorate them with some crayon circles.

That was so very nice of him, really.

He had so much fun, he decided to add some to the dining room walls also.


Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bigger Picture

I love my life, I truly do. I have a wonderful husband, who even though he may drive me completely crazy - he has my back and he loves me. The good, the bad and the ugly. And trust me there is ugly. Sometimes I can be a terrible wife, I know this. I'm a work in progress.

I have amazing kids. Healthy kids who are my life. And even though there are times when I wish everyone would just....stop. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

But sometimes I find myself daydreaming. I find myself wondering if the grass is really greener. And then the comparison games starts to play inside my head.

I would never leave my husband, or my children. That's not what this is about. It's about the 'their life looks so much more put together than mine' game that goes on inside my head.

Our house is a disaster. I will be honest. Currently, right now, as I sit in my office aka the left side of the couch. I can see a laundry basket with semi folded clothes sitting across from me. They were folded about 2 days ago, but the basket has remained in the living room and the kids have used it to jump in and crawl on. Sure it should of been taken care of when I first folded it, but like a lot of my day, I became distracted by the next 'emergency' that I forgot about it. I see toy train pieces thrown about the carpet, a pillow sitting on the entertainment center and dirty t-shirt on the coffee table. Floor cheerios all over the floor.

When your house looks dirtier than a Chuck E. Cheese, it's hard not to daydream about a clean house. It's hard not to compare yourself to others.

It's not disgusting, its just messy, and I am so over the messy.

Comparison is so dangerous and when we start to play that game and go there, that's when we can truly  forget what really matters.

When I first found out I was pregnant with Oliver, I couldn't wait to share the news. We had met some friends out and only a half an hour into our night I made the big announcement to a friend. I thought she would be happy for me, we would gush over baby names and who the baby would look like. Instead she said, "Everything always happens to you first, you got married first and now you're having a baby first. At least we got a house first!" Needless to say, we are not friends anymore. That comment hurt and I never knew our friendship as new as it was, was a competition. I never knew that she was comparing her life to mine. It hurt, but I moved on.

I have always been the type of person to be happy for the things that the people around me have. I love them, so of course I would feel happiness when they get what they deserve. But I will admit there are times when I compare what they have to what we have...or don't have. I am human, and it's not something I am proud of - but I'd venture to guess that I'm not the only one.

They have a nice house. Ours is meh.
Their house is bigger. Ours is so small - there isn't space for anything!
Their house is new. Our house is old and needs some help.
Their house is always so clean. Where are all these toys coming from? Are they multiplying at night?
It never looks cluttered. I don't have room for anything. Organize? How am I suppose to organize this crap?
They can afford to go on vacation. I haven't been on vacation in five years.
She's always going out. I wish I could go out more.

Yes. As I hang my head in shame, I will admit I have said every single one of those statements.

This blogging world is nuts, I wonder what it's like when you're on the outside. As in, you just search for something and discover a blog. You aren't a blogger yourself and you don't plan on starting one. Because as an insider I see the comparison game being played, and I try really hard to stay out of it. But I'll admit sometimes it's hard. Everyone wants to be liked, everyone wants to be included. But followers don't mean someone likes your blog or what you have to say. It's true. I am following some blogs that I haven't read in months, some since I started over a year ago. If you are basing your value on a number of followers, you have some serious issues that should be resolved.  I gave up on followers, if someone likes what I have to say follow me - if you don't, leave. I am perfectly okay with that. It's not about numbers to me. At one time, I will admit it was - but that's when I was new and I thought it would be great to be a big blogger.

Another thing is comparing your life to a bloggers life. I share a lot of personal things here. I share pictures of my kids and my family. Stories of our life, but there are behind the scenes things that aren't shared. Just like when you quick clean your house and throw the shoes in the closet along with the random shirt that was sitting on the table and your husband's baseball hat. That's what bloggers do. How do I know this? Because I do it. The crop feature is an amazing little tool for taking out things, that you don't want to be seen. Does it make me any less real? No, I don't think so. Just know that if my house looks clean and pretty in a picture of a baby onesie it's because all the junk in our house is behind me.

Blah. This is like a swear word. Comparing ourselves to other mothers. I have done it and I don't know maybe other mothers have compared their lives with their kids to me and mind. All I know is, it's bad for your health. No one knows everyones story. If I make cloud dough with my kid and blog about it and you feel like a schmuck because you don't have time in your day to make your kid some dough - erase that guilt from your head. It's not about the cloud dough or the birthday parties and handmade decorations. It's about the time spent with the children. Its about doing what makes you both happy. For us, its cloud dough and over the top birthday decorations. For you, it might be bedtime stories and adventure walks.

When we compare our lives to others for whatever reason, we are stealing the joy from ourselves. No ones life is the same, what works for one, might not work for the other. What looks nice and glamorous on the outside may not be as perfect as it really seems.

It's so important to look at the big picture. To see beyond the little things, the material things and realize that we're all doing the best that we can at this point in our lives. Your point may be different than mine.
Water where you are, at this point in your life and you won't have to worry about if the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

i don't love you anymore...

That's what he said to me from his car seat in the backseat of the car.

He looked at me though his little mirror, met my eyes and said "No Momma, I don't lub yew anymore!"

At that moment, my heart broke a little. I'm not gonna lie, the tears welled up in my eyes. I blinked them back because I didn't want him to know he hurt me.

Then he let out a little smile. I knew he didn't mean it, but boy did it hurt.

Where did he learn that from? I have never said anything like that. How did he know the correct context to put it in? He's getting too smart.

Michele Wade Photography

My little boy is growing up so fast. I love all the things he does, good and bad believe it or not. I actually find myself laughing sometimes when he does something wrong. I try to hide my laugh of course, I don't want him to think its okay, but sometimes it really is funny.

I know this sweet child loves me, its obvious when he crawls up on my lap with a blanket and a book, "Read, Momma?" How could I ever turn down that sweet little voice? Or when he comes up and asks for a hug. Or when he shows me a picture that he drew for me on his Magna Doodle. "I drew for yew Momma, it's a futterfly!"

Oliver is two and a half today. TWO AND A HALF. Someone please tell me where this time has gone. Where the little baby went and when this...boy arrived.

Michele Wade Photography

And a boy he is. All boy. He loves Star Wars and hockey. Soccer and baseball. Music and dancing. Playing the drums and getting dirty. He is an entertainer, loves to make everyone laugh and loves to laugh himself. He loves people and kids. He loves his brother, he really loves his brother.
He's a helper and is kind. He will help me clean up and if Landon cries, he will immediately run to him,  give him a hug and tell him, "Don't cry Wrinkles, I'm here for you Buddy!" He's done that all on his own, no props from us. That amazes me. The love he has for his baby brother, the love he developed all on his own makes my heart want to burst.

He is a sensitive soul though. He will cry at the drop of a hat. I'd say that he gets that from me, but he might get it from Ryan too. He's easily distracted though, if he has been hurt emotionally or physically a hug and some kisses usually does the trick.

He's observant. Picks up on things (good and bad) without us even bringing them to his attention. He pays attention to detail and knows when something has changed. He's wise beyond his two and a half years. And curious. He is so curious, about everything. He can be heard saying, "What's that for Momma?" "What's that for Daddy?" many times a day. I love his curiosity for life and everything around him, seeing him become so excited about the littlest things makes me excited because I know to him those little things are the big things. Having root beer floats for dinner and watching Star wars, or waking him up to go see the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Those moments are what he will hold dear to his heart. Those moments are what I hold dear. They are the things he still talks about, even after the moment has passed.

Michele Wade Photography

I love him so much. So much it hurts sometimes. I look at him and my eyes fill with tears. Not because I am sad or anything. But because I feel so blessed. I am lucky to be his mother, I am lucky to have such a sweet, kindhearted, funny child in my life.

These last two and a half years have been a roller coaster. Having him in the seat next to me, holding my hand when I was scared and wanted to get off. Encouraging me to just keep going by giving me a sweet baby smile, or a giggle. Letting me know that I wasn't failing when he learned how to walk. Having patience with me, when I didn't have them myself. Loving me unconditionally, when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. This little man has taught me so much in his short life, things I could never imagined a child could teach. I love him. And when he says, "I don't love you anymore".....I love him even more!

Michele Wade Photography

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Throwing You Under The Bus

What better way to show your husband you love him, than by embarrassing him on your blog. 
Yup, thats me. 
Mature lady here! 

Let me start off by saying, I love Ryan, I truly do. 
And I think that he is very intelligent. 
He handles peoples money for a living, he has to be. 

That makes it sound like he's doing something shady. 
No, he's not a robber, he's a financial advisor.
 He has to have some kind of intelligence to help direct people with what to do with their money. 

However, what he has in smarts, he lacks in common sense.
 I'm not even kidding. 
I wish I was actually, because I see this man do things so ass backwards that I wonder how he has survived these last 32 years of his life.

Awesome. Not one burn by embarrassing your husband - you also threw in his age. Nice. 
For example, the other morning I hear him make this God awful scream, yell, moan type of thing from the upstairs bathroom. 
Now, I have been married to Ryan long enough to know how he works, he is dramatic. 
So even if whatever he was doing hurt him, he made sure to be extra dramatic so I would hear and come and investigate. Which I did. 
He knows how I work too! 

I find him trying to put a bandaid on his cut that he received during his softball game. 
The horrible noise I heard was him pouring rubbing alcohol on it. 

Then I see it, floating in the toilet. 

No, not that. Gross people - we're not going to talk about that here. 

Wrappers from the bandaid were in the toilet. 
Wait, what? I know that most people know not to flush wrappers and nonsense down the toilet. Apparently my husband never learned that. 

So I look at him and ask "why are there wrappers in the toilet?" And that's when he said, "That's why I didn't want you to see what I was doing, I knew you would say something!"

Okay. Wait. Now there are two things wrong with that sentence. 
1. He knew throwing those wrappers into the toilet was wrong.
2. That is something a kid says to his mother when he's been caught. 

I just asked again "why are the wrappers in the toilet?" His response this time "We need a damn garbage can up here"

Ah, okay I get it now. It's totally acceptable to throw the wrappers in the toilet because we don't have a garbage can in that bathroom. Gottcha. 

We have this grinder pump - {trust me it's not as sexy as it sounds} in our front yard. It's basically a sewer with a man hole cover on it so my children don't fall in. 
The town of tonawanda is always thinking. 
Anyway. Sometimes when it gets plugged the alarm that is connected to it, goes off. 
The alarm is in my house. 
So when that thing is plugged with Ryans wrappers and God knows what else - it will buzz. 
And it scares the living daylights out of my children and makes me an annoyed Momma and wife.

Then I have to call the water department and wait for them to come out and clean it. 
Then I get the lecture from the man with the ZZ Top beard about how "Nothing. And I repeat Nothing should be flushed down the toilet Ma'am" And when I reply with "Nothing?" The man gives me the evil eye and says "Nothing! Besides, you know the normal stuff that should go in the toilet!" I say, "Okay", and quickly try to shut the door, and that's when he stops me and says, "sometimes feminine products get caught in there, thats why they shouldn't be flushed down the toilet!" I just stand there shaking my head and agree, then he chimes in with "I see you have children, their wipes really shouldn't be flushed either!" Still shaking my head. I want to be like, "Yes sir, I know this stuff, my husband on the other hand thinks flushing it is just as good as throwing it in the garbage. Hell, he might even believe it's better because then its gone forever and he won't have to carry the garbage out to the curb. 
I don't, I just shake my head and hope this weird-ass conversation is over soon. 

I'd like to think my in laws taught Ryan that things like wrappers should go into the garbage can and not be flushed down the toilet. I'd love to give them credit in teaching him the common sense he needed to get though life, but living with him these last 6 years - I'm really starting to wonder. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oatmeal Cookies with Craisins

These cookies are delicious. I love craisins, so I figured I'd throw them into a simple oatmeal cookie. Enjoy.

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup packed brown sugar 
1 cup white sugar
2 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla 
2 cups quick oats 
2 cups all purpose flour 
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups craisins 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
Beat the butter, sugars, egg and vanilla until combined. 
In another bowl combine oats, flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt - add to butter mixture 1 cup at a time. 
Mix in craisins.
Drop by spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (or sprayed)  
Bake for 12-14 minutes

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Buy One Get One Sale At Famous Footwear

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It's that time of year again. Time to start school shopping! I have always loved this time of year, something about going back to school in some new outfits and most importantly new shoes. 

Finding all the cool styles that the kids want at a reasonable price can be difficult, however Famous Footwear has the brands all the kids like at the prices us parents can afford. 


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Happy Shopping! 



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Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Post DIY Cupcake Tree

Hi everyone my name is Stephanie and I blog over at Slogan Adventures, where I blog about our crazy adventures and moving around, dabbling in DIY crafts, and just our life in general. Today I wanted to share the cupcake tree that I made for my first baby shower, that’s right I said first. I’m lucky and blessed to be having 3 baby showers! We are very lucky expecting parents. This one was for my family back in Buffalo, NY. My mother threw me a build a library baby shower, we got so many books for the little monkey! When planning the shower, we decided we would keep up with the whole book theme. I decided to have cupcakes made because I saw adorable book cupcake toppers and I had to have them! When I started looking for cupcake trees, I couldn’t believe the price, so I decided why not try to make my own. About a year ago is when I started getting crafty for my wedding I came across a fantastic supply website Save On Crafts. If you are looking for supplies for wedding, floral arrangements, really anything, check this site out! So I went online and found a cardboard cupcake tree and decided I could decorate it with storybook pages…It came in a big ole box and was a little overwhelming when I saw all these pieces. Luckily it comes with instructions to put together and it wasn’t that bad!
So since I had to cut up a book and it’s pages I went to the bargain section at Barnes N Noble and I hit the mother load finding a big ole Mother Goose book for only $3.98! The sweet little nursery rhymes and pics were perfect for the tiers of the tree.

Supplies I used for the cupcake tree-
Cupcake Tree
Book pages
Mod Podge (I used the Gloss)
Hot Glue Gun

 1. First I found the pages that I liked and ones that had a lot of words on the page and cut those pages out, easy enough I mod podged the pages on to the different layers, smoothing out the bubbles and then cutting around the edges. I left a little bit of an edge to fold over to get it more clean lines. The one thing I did was make all the words line up so it looked like a continuous book page.
2. After covering all the layers, came the tedious part, cutting out all the little slits on the different tiers. The supports that went through the holes covered up any kind of imperfections, I was just careful I didn’t rip any of the pages completely on the from of the front.
3. I used the mod podge gloss over the top to seal everything and smooth down the pieces from cutting the slits.
4. Next I used hot glue and glued a thin black ribbon to each tier to finish off and create clean edges to give it a more finished look.
5. Put the tree together and follow the instructions, I managed to not get a picture before the cupcakes were put on :(

 6. Put cupcakes on it and take some pics before you eat them!


With the left over book pages, my hubby helped and we made a bunting flags out of some of the scraps for the tables for the food and gifts.

Stop by my blog and say hi sometime :)


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