Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Official and a New Family Member

Oliver is potty trained.

I've held off on this post for over a month now, because I really wanted to make sure that it wasn't just a fluke. It's the real deal and I am so ridiculously proud of him.

You may remember this post from forever ago about us trying. Yeah, well it kind of went out the window after I wrote it. He wanted no part of it and I wanted no part of the fight of pushing him to do something he didn't want to do.

I wanted it to be his decision.

A month or so ago when I asked my sweet swaps to guest post for me while I repainted our kitchen (the reveal is coming soon, I promise - I just need to get my ass in gear!) Tiffany offered up her tips on how he potty trained her daughter.

We tried that route. Oliver thought it was funny at first, going to the bathroom every time the alarm went off. But by the third or fourth time he hated it. He would cry and scream.

Again, I didn't want him to fear it. I wanted him to want it. That's how I would know he was truly ready.

So I said, "Okay, here is your potty - if you want to use it, you can." I let him run around naked for the first day to see what he would do. After I said it, he went over and went. In the freaking potty. He just kind of sat there stunned.

Of course, I started jumping up and down like a crazy person. We have a potty chart in the bathroom, that has stickers. He got a sticker for his chart. He was really happy.

It was all down hill after that.

Now, he insists on standing while peeing. Awesome right?! I think so, I didn't even need to tell him too, he figured that out all on his own.

I am happy to say, we haven't had any furniture accidents. He recognizes the feeling and knows when he needs to book it to the potty.

I am so proud of him, I am excited to only have one kid in diapers. I am super excited for little underwear and for him doing it all on his own.

Thank you pee pee Gods for making this process painless!!

Meet "Oatmeal Stout"

She is the newest member of our family. 
And she is the sweetest little thing, ever. 

We are all learning on how to live life 
with Oatmeal. 
Expect to see more of her!


  1. Hi, thanks for linking to the Mommy Brain Mixer! Woohoo! That's a major accomplishment!! Your puppy is so cute!! Hope he's potty-trained! :D

  2. Oh how I hope it will go that smoothly for my twin boys. I have some potties set up in the bathroom right now, and they "pretend" to go all the time. Hoping someday "pretend" turns into the real stuff, but we haven't really pushed anything beyond that. Hope they decide on their own like your little guy. Congrats! New follower via Mommy Brain Mixer.

  3. that is so awesome! We tried the chart with Sydney and she did it for a while then the stickers lost their appeal. Thus just shows how different all kids are. I'm so excited for you that be is doing so well!!!

  4. YAY for Oliver!!! And Oatmeal is just adorable!!!

  5. Congrats to Oliver (and to you!) I just went through the same process with my daughter. I thought it would never happen, but "big girl underpants" are worn daily around these parts and it's awesome to know that.

    1. Thank you!!! It's so exciting when they finally get it. I took Oliver to the store and let him pick out some new underwear. He was pretty excited!!

  6. i know this is an older post but i had to comment on the utter adorableness of your puppy! i cant stand it!!! too cute!

    1. Aw thank you!! She really is sweet. She was so tiny here - shes a piggy now!


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