Thursday, August 30, 2012

Month 9

Hey Little Man, 
You aren't so little anymore. 

According to your last appointment, which was a few weeks ago when you didn't feel good
you were 19 pounds. 

19 pounds!

Its no secret you love to eat. And since you have taken to 'people food' so well, cooking for everyone has been so much easier. 
You love to eat what everyone else is eating. No more of that pureed crap for you!

You are still standing and trying so hard to let go. You'll get it! 
I did catch you walking the other day while you were holding onto the Lego's bin. 
I'm glad it was only a one time thing - I am not ready for you to walk. 

You love to play with your brother, I am sorry that he is just so busy with his Lego's to even notice. 
The only time he does notice is when you steal one of his blocks. 
He hates that. You think it's funny. 

You are pretty tough. You get great joy out of crawling on and tackling your brother. 
Sometimes Oliver likes it, sometimes he doesn't 
Again you think it's hilarious. 

You are a little ham and love to have your picture taken. 
I'm sure that is because I am always trying to take pictures of you and your brother. 

Oh and you also keep saying "Dada" it's more like "Adadada" but your father and Oliver think you're saying Dada.
Lets work on "Momma", okay?!

Giving kisses
Cuddling with Momma 

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  1. He is TOO CUTE! How old is your oldest? I have an 8 month old and a 3 year old. I'm so so SO happy my youngest is starting to eat more table food. It is such a pain to make separate meals for everyone, on top of having to spoon feed that pureed mess into his mouth.

    Thanks for linking up with us today at the Mommy Brain Mixer!

  2. Adorable! All the pictures are, but oh boy, that one where he's sleeping in his bouncy seat: precious!

    Thanks for linking up to Cassie's blog hop, which I was happy to have the chance to co-host. New follower!


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