Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Life....Now

We'll it feels like I have officially landed in Crazy Town. If I wasn't busy enough before, I am sure busy now.

I have decided that I do not need to join the gym. Running around after two kids and a little puppy keeps me on the move. At this rate I'll be toothpick thin in no time.

I'm pretty exhausted.

Oatmeal Stout is a great little puppy. But I don't really feel that I am a 'dog person'. I've never identified myself as a dog person, I've had cats my whole life, cats, who are independent and quiet. Who want to hang out when they want too, and will hide when they want to be left alone. Cats, who pee in the litter box after being shown only a few times.

That is what I know.

This little needy puppy is not something I am use too. She is a challenge for sure. However, for the last few days or so, she seems pretty easy. She likes her crate, so that is good. She even goes in it willingly when she is tired. I honestly don't blame her, she's safe in there. No toddler wanting to carry her, no baby pulling her ears and if she lays way in the back, no human daddy poking her to wake her up.

Sometimes I wish I had a crate to hide in.

Potty training. Well I have one kid who has successfully jumped onto the potty train. Lets see if I can get another 'kid' on this train.

She's not bad at it. She's only had a few accidents. Again I have nothing to compare her too. Unless we compare her to my cats, and if we do then she fails. Majorly. But that wouldn't be fair.

At night she gets up maybe once, she's good about going out and doing her business. It's during the day that she is distracted. By the leash, or the random leaf on the ground, the grass or the airplane flying overhead.

I'll hang out with her now, now that it's still nice out. But come winter, when the snow is falling and it's freezing outside. I will be hiding out in the house and leave the potty breaks to Ryan.

Speaking of the cats, Oatmeal is interested.

The cats however, they are picky about who they let into their inner circle and Oatmeal is has not been invited in. They want nothing to do with her.

We have two cats, Bigfoot and Tallulah we haven't seen Tallulah since we brought Oatmeal home. For all I know, she has packed her bags and moved out. As for Bigfoot, he hangs out where he can watch Oatmeal at all times, but if she gets too close, he will make it known that she is in his house. 

Unless her food is out, then he happily walks by her and offers to test the food for know, to make sure it tastes alright.

All in all, she is sweet.

And she might just turn me into a 'dog person'

Oatmeal had a great idea, she said because y'all are so sweet, that I should offer you a code for the shop. It's good until Labor Day!! Happy Monday!


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  1. Lol u.crack me up! I'm.most def more person ESP now with kids. Good choice on crate training seriously best thing ever even vets reccomend bc it u a lot of money in.damages when your gone and vet bills bc they r not eating thinhs to harm them. Hope she potty trains quick!


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