Monday, August 20, 2012

The Writing is on the Wall.


See here.

Well actually its the drawing is on the wall.

And if you ask Oliver, it's circles.

Apparently our walls were too blah for him, he needed to decorate them with some crayon circles.

That was so very nice of him, really.

He had so much fun, he decided to add some to the dining room walls also.



  1. Omg Rylan did this at my parents house. Boy was my dad mad lol. I have to repaint my apt walls before we move cause of crayon, marker and pen marks in his room. Lol naughty boys.

  2. This looks like the artwork recently added to my daughter's bedroom walls. I thought she was napping but she had found a crayon somewhere in her closet & went to town coloring.

    I'm a new follower!


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