Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coffee Talk - Week 2

Today I am linking up with Natalie from Natalie Blair. 

1. What is your favorite kind of coffee? Hot? Iced? Frappe?

I love just regular hot coffee with creamer. Usually by the time I get a cup it has sat for over an hour and is luke warm/cold. I can't even count how many times I microwave my coffee each morning!
2. What is your dream computer/laptop? And what kind are you using now?
I'm not all that big on technology. I know that I love laptops more than desktops (or whatever they are called) We have two a dell and a MacBook Pro. I really love my MacBook!

3. Have you ever regretted a blog post? What did you say?
Nope. There have been a few that have gotten more attention than others. I am pretty conscience of what I write here. Maybe sometimes too conscience. But I'm like that in real life too - I never want to hurt peoples feelings - even if mine have been hurt. Blah.

4. What is your favorite book?
Whatever book I am reading at the time is my favorite. Currently I am reading BossyPants by Tina Fey. She is ridiculously hilarious. Hilarious. Everyone needs to read this book.

5. What's in your bag? 
Oh my goodness. My bag is nuts.
Okay, you asked for it! 
I can't draw for crap! 
wallet..diaper..wipes..chapstick..change (randomly on the botton of the purse)..wrappers...


  1. LOL at your purse drawing! HAHA!!!

    I need to read that Tina Fey book! She's hilarious!! Desktops suck! All the cords hanging out and shtuff. You are right about the Macbook. I need it!

  2. I reheat and reheat my coffee on a daily basis! It's even worse on weekends! If I am really lazy, I will reheat day old coffee.

    I'm with you on the computer thing long as it works and doesn't freeze up on me, I am a happy girl!

    P.S. I am here from Natalie Blair and I LOVE your blog title!!

    1. Bahahah I reheat day old coffee too. My husband thinks its so gross. Thanks so much, I use to love making mudpies. lol.

  3. I like my mac, too. :) I'm definitely going to check out Bossy pants!

  4. That a pot of coffee is still good to reheat the next day is science fact. I heard it on The Today Show or something. ;)


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