Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coffee Talk - Week 3

It's Thursday so you know what that means.
I am linking up with Natalie again for
Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

You don't know what it is?
You should go and check it out.
First of all she is just awesome
and secondly, link ups are pretty fun.
I do love meeting new people.

1. What is your daily routine? 
That's funny you ask. I was thinking about actually making a post about this. Its going to be long, so get comfy. 
We pretty much do the same thing everyday, minus Wednesdays when Oliver has school. 
I wake up to my kid alarm clock, sometimes it is just one kid which is much easier. I will get them up and bring them down stairs. Let the puppy outside, start making breakfast. The other usually wakes up within a half hour. We all eat and then the kids get to watch some cartoons while I get to clean up. Yay!
We play until around 11 then I start on lunch. The kids eat lunch around 11:30 - Noon. While they are eating I clean up the toys and pick up the house. 
Nap time is from Noon - 12:30 until USUALLY 3. But sometimes one will wake up the other, or one refuses to nap or either nap. Sometimes the puppy wakes everyone up or a random car. Its hard to tell, but on good days they both sleep at the same time for 2+ hours. 
After nap they get a little snack and we play until I have to make dinner. Around 3:30 I start making dinner, the boys watch some cartoons while I'm trying to cook something. 
We eat around 4:30 on most days. After dinner, the boys get to play with Ryan and then sometimes we go for a walk. The boys get baths most nights and then ready for bed. 
We have story time and relax time then they are usually in bed between 7 and 7:30. 
Then I can finally relax. Sometimes. 

2. What's in your beauty regimen? 
I love make up and beauty products, I don't like how expensive some things are though. I've been getting my Birchbox for almost a year now, that satisfies the need to try all the new things. I am simple I wear Maybelline Fit Me foundation, a little bronzer that is from Birchbox- I think I might need to buy it because I love it so. I love eye shadow. Its my absolute favorite. Currently I am wearing Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plus Eye Shadow Quad, in Copper Chic. I tend to stick to browns, purple and greens. I keep my lips pretty much lipstick free. Unless we are going out and I'm getting dressed up. Mascara is also Maybelline Great Lash. It's my favorite, I've used it on an off since high school. I keep going back to it because I love it so much. 

3. Are you a morning or night person? 
I'm both. I am so use to getting up early, that it doesn't bother me. And I really do like staying up because its the only time I can really get to do whatever I want. 

4. What do you eat for breakfast? Or do you skip it and go for brunch? 
I usually eat with the boys, if I wait and try to eat after, Oliver will want whatever it is that I am eating. And I don't really like to share. 
5. How do you wind down at night? 
Ryan and I will usually watch some tv. I'll play around on the computer or make some jewelry.

6. What time do you go to bed or what is your normal bedtime?
By 10pm I am usually done. Sometimes, I get my 2nd wind after the boys go to bed and I am ready to go. On those nights I'll stay up and craft or watch some Real Housewives. 


  1. Great answers!! Thank you for linking up with me!!!!!!

    I like watching tv with Bill too :) I used to get Birchbox but I wasn't satisfied. They were sending me crap that I don't wear HAHA!!

  2. I always find a way to stay up for the Real Housewives! Especially NY and NJ!

  3. Your day sounds a lot like mine! I stay up way too late sometimes but it's true that it's also the only time that I have to myself during the day and it's quiet.

  4. Got my package!! LOVE LOVE! the scarf is totally me and i love the nail polish and lip balm. No joke i almost bought the same one this week when i was at target! Best swap buddy! :) You also made me realize I totally forgot to put a note in your box! How impersonal of me! I think i felt like i had to get the package out i totally forgot! :( I tracked yours it looks like you should get it tomorrow if you haven't already..thank you! thank you!


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