Monday, September 17, 2012

i am grateful for today

Oliver started preschool last week. 

Getting him ready got me thinking 
about how fast time is really going. 

I spent the night before his big day, looking at his baby pictures. 
The moments in the hospital when I became a Momma 
for the first time. 

The day we brought him home 
and his first bath. 

Those moments are gone, never to return
and that makes me sad. 
I am so excited for him
he loves kids and he needs more to play with. 

We have play dates 
but there are no kids in the neighborhood for him 
to play with. 

School is a great place for him. 

But sending him last Wednesday morning
walking out of the classroom 
and leaving my baby 
with someone other than family 
made me really think about 
how precious this time is. 

That these moments 
wont last forever. 
That eventually I won't be able to heal his 
hurt with a kiss and a hug. 
His blankets and 'Charlie' 
wont make everything better. 

He's growing up before my eyes.
I am grateful for the snuggles 
and the random, 
"Mommy, you are bootiful" comments. 
I'll take the tantrums and the tears
if it means that I can have the snuggles 
just a little bit longer.

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  1. This post made me teary eyed. Its so true.

    First bath was not an experience I care to relive though. My daughter screamed throughout her first bath!


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