Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Remodeled Kitchen

This post has been a long time in the making. I don't think either of us realized how long it was going to take to remodel our kitchen. It was not pretty at times, and now that I have come out on the other side, I don't want to do anything like this again....well, for awhile at least.

Let me start by saying, there are a tons of pictures and information in this post and everything that was used will be linked at the end.

Okay, how about a before picture?

Yikes! Yeah. As you can see it was a lot of the same color. Forgive all the junk. I never remember to take before pictures, before I actually start.

I removed all the cabinet doors and I numbered them. I stuck little pieces of tape to the inside of the cabinets, the back of the doors and on the hinges. It helped in the end because then I wasn't looking around for what door went where.

This was after the first coat of primer. Which looks an awful lot like the paint color. It led to a lot of confusion.

All these pictures show the wall color differently. It was like a pumpkin orange. I actually think that's what it was called. It was way too matchy-matchy with the cabinets. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I first picked that color.

We don't have a garage or anything, so I had to set up my little paint shop in the dining room. There were 22 cabinet doors. That's a lot of freaking doors. I should of primed them all then painted them all, but you live and learn. I primed 5 at a time then, primed 5 more. Painted the first 5, then painted the 2nd  five. It got really confusing, especially because the paint color was so damn close to the primer color. So my word of advice, if you don't have a lot of space, do all the priming first, then paint them all.

So how did I do it, you ask?! Well, I took the original cabinet door to Lowe's and asked them. I've never painted cabinets and I was a little overwhelmed. I didn't want to screw up and have to redo everything. He told me I didn't need to sand them - which I've read mixed reviews on it. But I listened to him and just went with the primer. I did two coats of the primer on everything. 

I started with the back sides (inside) of the cabinet doors. I primed (and painted) that side first so if I laid it down and it did get messed up, it would be on the inside and you wouldn't even see it. I don't care what the inside of the cabinets look like. Obviously. 

Getting the actual cabinets that were on the wall completed was my first step. I wanted those done so as the doors dried, I could hang them up and get them out of the way. My way was kind of all over the place, I am sure there are so many easier ways - but you just have to do what works for you. This, as chaotic as it was, ended up working well for me. I would change a few things, now that I look back on it - but its over now. Thank God. 

Everything I read said to let them sit and 'cure' for a few days after they have been painted. I think I let them sit at least two days - I'm really impatient and I wanted my dining room back so if you have the room, maybe wait three days or so. There wasn't really a problem but once they were all up, I did paint the door fronts once more time. So I had a total of three coats of paint on the cabinet doors. 

This took forever. It took about two weeks for me to complete the cabinets. I could only do it while the kids were sleeping. And they are ridiculously unpredictable with their sleep, so it was up in the air if I'd get anything done. Then of course, at the end of the night sometimes I really just didn't want to paint anymore. It was fun for like the first day or so, then it got annoying. After the cabinets were painted and up, we waited a few more weeks to do the walls. It was a few days before we got Oatmeal that I painted them, so like August 20th. I'm not even sure. My days just mesh together most of the time.

[UPDATE: Mr. Anonymous down there wants you to know he helped paint the walls! He also painted all the trim and the doors!! Happy Now! ;)]

Here are the final pictures of our new kitchen. I can't even tell you how happy I am with how it turned out. The wall color is much more blue than I intended, but it's growing on me and I do love it. [Or I am making myself love it, because I really don't want to paint over it.]

As you can see that is a dramatic difference. We still need handles for the cabinet and drawers. I bought some and they were too small. Bummer. Its a minor thing though, so whenever it gets done, it gets done.

So what did we do?!
*Primed and painted the cabinets - Valspar Primer // Valspar Paint in Dove White. Same as my favorite table. 
*Painted the walls - Valspar paint in Gravity.
*I painted all the cabinets and the doors with the WHIZZ 4in foam rollers. Yeah, these are pretty awesome and it gave the cabinets this really smooth finish. They look almost like they were spray painted thats how smooth it is.
*New floor. There aren't any real good pictures of the floor. It was gross and old. It was peeling away from the wall and it had scratches in it. Oh and it was pink! Not completely pink, but it had this salmony color floating around it it. Horrible. The new floor is from Warren's Carpet One. If you are local, I strongly suggest checking them out. They also installed our living room floor (coming soon!) and Landon's bedroom carpet. If you do go there and decide on flooring - if you get it installed I recommend Miles. He did an amazing job.  
*Chalkboard Wall in Hallway. - Valspar Chalkboard Paint. This might be the very best part of the entire kitchen. We have all had fun drawing on this wall. It keeps the kids busy while I'm cooking dinner, and yet I can still see them so I know what they are doing. And I mean, come on - who wouldn't want to draw all over the wall.
*Painted all the wood trim - Valspar paint in Dove White. The trim, door leading out to the deck and the bathroom door are now the same color as the cabinets. Peace out wood trim. Blah.                      

There are still more things I'd like to do. I need to find some fabric for a curtain over the sink and maybe one for the door that goes out onto our deck. I haven't seen any that I really love. So I'm holding off. I also bought some prints off of Etsy to make a gallery wall in the kitchen. I just need some frames to hang them up. I'll be sure to share once that is ready. They are really cute.

Yup, so that is it. My new favorite room!

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  1. Oh, my!! It looks amazing! I love seeing the before and after pictures! Are you fighting over who gets to cook dinner now?

    Just lovely!

  2. Looks amazing! Yay for a successful DIY,

  3. That's an amazing transformation, great job!!

  4. That's a wonderful transformation! It looks so bright and airy. And 22 doors is a lot!

    1. lol yeah 22 doors was a little much. Thank you!!

  5. Great job, it looks beautiful! We painted our honey oak cabinets white last year and I am so in love with them :-) It is a lot of work, but it's soooo worth it!

  6. It looks great I want to do mine but if I do that means I also have to do my living room because they are joined and I might just shoot myself before I got all that done!

    1. lol - there were moments were I felt like I might shoot myself. It was a lot of work!

  7. I noticed you said that you did all the painting....Maybe your handsome husband helped out a bit ; )

    1. He did. I am not sure how I could forget him! He also fixed all my mistakes!

  8. Wow this kitchen looks so much better! That does look like a lot of work, but it turned out soooo good! Great job!

  9. Whoo-hoo, that is tremendous! It’s really amazing what a difference a paint job can make to a room. Going from colored to stark white is probably the best thing that you did to that kitchen. You did a great job, and it’s clear that all your efforts paid off. Your kitchen looks amazing. Congratulations!

  10. It does look amazing! What a great kitchen that is! I would totally enjoy helping out and cooking in a kitchen like that. White does give the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Just make sure to immediately wipe and wash spillage to not damage the paint.

    - Mathew Bergeron -


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