Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Days

I can't believe that I am writing this. 
Oliver started school yesterday. 

Granted, it's only one day a week 
for two and a half hours. 
But, it's still 

We had to be there at 9. 
Currently, we are getting new floors 
put in our kitchen 
and living room. 
If you follow along on Facebook 
you may have seen the picture 
I posted yesterday
of the chaos. 

Trying to get a toddler, a baby
a puppy 
and myself ready in time
was a little crazy. 

Thankfully, Ryan is home this week to help. 

We drove out to my hometown 
about 25 minutes away 
to take Oliver to school. 

Surprisingly, we were the first ones to arrive. 

We walked in his class with him and stayed for about 
five minutes. 
Then we said goodbye. 
I don't know if he realized we were leaving
or not. 
But he didn't seem phased at all. 
"Bye guys!" 
He said. 

It's no doubt that my child is brave
a few weeks ago. 

He hugged us and went back 
to playing with the kitchen set. 

When I went to pick him up
the teacher said 
he had a great day! 

He told me he 
ate some Play-doh
In my book, 
that equals an 
awesome day! 

when did my baby get so big?! 

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