Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Month 11

Yikes! Slow down time. 
11 months already. 
I am not kidding when I say that it feels like I just had him. 
I can't believe he's 11 months old today! 

Sweet little Landon. 
You are so full of life. And so very curious about everything. 
You love to touch things that don't belong to you. 
Like Momma's phone. 

You love to dance and clap.
You have 8 teeth. 
You wave now and give kisses. 
Sometimes you even say, "Hi!"
I'm not sure you know you are saying it
but I'll count it anyways. 

You can walk if you are holding onto something
and I've seen you take a step or two. 
I'm not counting those though, I'm not ready for another walker. 
You have stood on your own a few times too. 
Such concentration on your face. 
I'm sure the new hardwood floors don't help with balance. 

You are so sweet and cuddly. 
You love to be held, and not for long. 
You are always on the go
getting into trouble. 

Oatmeal - the dog and the food
Yo Gabba Gabba 
Dog toys
Brushing your teeth 
Your blankets
Your noise machine and projector

Monday, October 29, 2012

I'd Like to Divorce My Toddler

I'm kidding, kind of.

But holy Hell can I just tell you that this 'tumultuous 2 1/2' stage *yes, I am making up a new name because he's over 2 and almost 3 and this appears to be worse - much worse. It was only a few weeks ago that he was an angel. A sweet little boy with these bright blue eyes. Now he still has those bright blue eyes and a mouth like a trucker (no offense to truckers!)

Everything is a fight.

"Oliver come eat dinner."
Fall on the floor throw a tantrum and scream "NO!"

"Oliver lets get ready for bed"
Fall on the floor and throw a tantrum and scream "NOOO!!"

"Oliver it's time to go home."
Fall on the floor and throw a tantrum and scream "NO MOMMA, NO WAY!"

The tantrum that sticks out the most (probably because it was in public and I was extremely embarrassed) was the day Ryan and I took the kids to the science museum. For the majority of the time Oliver was awesome. He listened and followed our directions. We saved the play place for last because we just knew that getting him out was going to be difficult. We spent an hour in the play place. We let him explore and check out all the toys. He loved fishing and playing with the trucks. It was getting late, Landon was starting to fuss and we decided it was time to go. Ryan and I actually played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who was going to be the one to break the news to Oliver. I lost. I lost big time. Not only did I have to tell him it was time to go, which resulted in the loudest scream ever, I was the fool who got to carry him out of the museum. I was also the fool who got to put him into his car seat and stand next to said car seat for 10 minutes while he flailed his arms and kicked his legs.

I'm glad we could be a public service announcement to the city of Buffalo, for the importance of birth control.

I was mortified. I wanted to crawl in a hole.

When the Hell did he get so strong? I really need to stop giving him so much milk. I'm convinced it's giving him extra strength.

Last week we had to leave the farm early because he slapped me across the face. He slapped me! (no! not that farm - apparently my time at the farm has either been spent being threatened or assaulted.) 

Then there are the days when we're in public and he yells, "You scare me Momma." He makes sure to say it right in front of people too. So now, I not only have random strangers judging me for bringing two kids to the grocery store. I now have them assuming I'm a scary jerk, that has frightened her child to the point of announcing it right in the middle of the store. Awesome.

That, has happened, twice.

The days seem so much longer when he's in one of his moods. It could be 9:30 in the morning and I am giving the clock the stink eye because I want it to be nap time. The days drag on and the tantrums continue and it's in those moments I really think about running away from home. 

A challenge is an understatement. He is testing everything in me. Days like this I want to just walk out the door and keep going. Let him fend for himself. 

But then he looks at me with those bright blues and says "Sniggle Momma?" and I melt. I am completely defenseless and my heart swells with love that I have for this toddler, who's 2 1/2 going on 16.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Wrestling Affair

The Halloween costumes are finally finished. I've had more fun putting these two costumes together and I couldn't wait to share them with everyone.


What I Did:
Just a red bandana from the dollar store. I tied it to Oliver's head to measure it, and then I took a Lady Gaga wig and I cut it along the webbing. I glued the webbing to the inside of the tied bandana. Then I glued the bandana closed, so all I would have to do is put it on his head, like a hat.
For awhile he looked like Bret Michaels.

The shirt was a regular white long sleeved shirt from Target. I dyed the shirt bright yellow and then cut the sleeves off. I found the Hulkamania font online and just traced it onto the shirt. I used a black fabric marker to outline the letters and then filled them in with red fabric paint.
Bought from Party City.
They were white tights from Target. I dyed them red.
Shoe Covers:
I originally was going to dye a pair of socks yellow to go over his sneakers, but then I found the sleeves to the shirt. They ended up working perfectly. I just pulled them over his legs and down over the sneakers. I'm really glad I didn't toss them.

He doesn't have a mustache on in the picture but he will have one for Halloween. We didn't know if he would keep it on for the fake trick or treating we were going to do today, so we didn't want to waste it. I painted on a yellow mustache today.

Showing off his muscles!! 

Andre the Giant 

What I Did:
The hair in this picture, is different than the hair that I ended up using. I'll tell you want I ended up doing because I liked it much better. I used one of those baby sun hats. I cut off the brim that went all around the hat. Then I found some fuzzy black yarn at Joann's. I hot glued it all over the hat to make sure I covered the entire thing. Then I used two pieces from the brim of the hat for the muttonchops. I glued them to the inside of the hat and then glued the yarn on them, just like I did the hat.

The under outfit is just a white onesie (from Old Navy) and white tights (from Target) that I dyed with tea. I wanted them to be a flesh color so I just kept them in the tea water until they started to resemble....flesh. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. The black singlet is a white onesie that was dyed black. Its not as dark as I wanted, but it works. I then just cut it so it resembled Andre the Giants outfit. Black socks for boots.

Ryan: Lindsay, take the picture they are heavy.
Lindsay: Ryan smile, I have to keep taking more because you're not smiling.
Ryan: I smiled.
Lindsay: You didn't smile! 

We went to a Trick or Treating event at the local community college today. It was fun, and with the weather being as crappy as it is, it was nice to do something inside. Plus Oliver got to meet his hero.

Darth Vader

Linking up to these fabulous parties 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Coconut Oil Lip Balm

So I made some black cherry lip balm. Obviously, because that's what it says in the picture. If you want to make some of your own, and you know you do!! Head on over to Paisley Boulevard and visit Colleen. I'm sharing this with her readers today!

And if you're here from Paisley boulevard, HI! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If I Were A.....

I saw this over at Janna's blog the other day
and I thought it looked fun. 

If I were A.....
If I were a gemstone, I'd be a diamond.
If I were a scent, I'd be burning leaves
If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be a pair of flats.
If I were the weather, I'd be a cool fall day.
If I were a facial expression, I'd be a bright smile.
If I were a car, I'd be a Jeep.
If I were a time of day, I'd be 6AM.
If I were a month, I'd be April.
If I were a place, I'd be York Harbor, Maine.

If I were a liquid, I'd be wine.
If I were a taste, I'd be sweet strawberry
If I were a sea animal, I'd be a dolphin.
If I were a food, I'd be a chocolate chip cookie
If I were a colour, I'd be turquoise.

If I were a musical instrument, I'd be an acoustic guitar.
If I were a flower, I'd be peonies.
 If I were a planet, I'd be Mars. 
If I were an object, I'd be a camera.
If I were a fruit, I'd be blueberry.
If I were a sound, I'd be a baby's laughter.
If I were a day of the week, I'd be Wednesday.

What would you be? Leave your answers in the comments, or make a post and share it! 

Monday, October 22, 2012


prior to kids, my morning routine was simple. i woke up and spent a little time alone in the quiet. i would drink my coffee and eat a little breakfast while watching the morning news. then i would get ready for my day. that would include a hot shower, enough time to blow dry and straighten my hair and plenty of time to apply my make up.

since becoming a mom, my mornings have changed drastically. when it was just oliver, i could sometimes get away with a morning shower. sometimes he even let me blow dry my hair and put on make up. he was happy sitting in his bouncer in the bathroom while i got myself ready.

today my mornings look much different. a little more crazy. a lot more rushed. i don't move quickly, i am my happiest when i can go at my own pace. that is a blessing and a curse. the boys (and puppy) however, know one speed and that is fast. actually, more like very fast.

but when i hear that little voice over the monitor saying "mommy, i want to go down stairs now" i pull myself out of my comfy, warm bed and i go and get Oliver. he is usually the first one up. he needs to get up so he can play with his star wars toys. they are his current favorite, and by the looks of it, they aren't going to be replaced any time soon.

i go into his room where i am greeted by my sweet blue eyed boy. he needs to pack up his blankets and his pillow. they must go down stairs with us too. he has to go down the stairs on his own, he's too big to be carried and he wants to show me how well he does at going down the stairs. counting all the way down. 1...2...4...6...3...

he'll get it someday.

once downstairs, its time for breakfast and his cup of milk. he loves milk, it gives him some kind of comfort. and makes him happy.

by the time breakfast is ready, landon is awake babbling in his crib. he doesn't cry much anymore, he just talks and waits for us to get him. i think he can hear me climb the stairs because he always gets quiet when i am right by his door. when i open it, i am greeted with the biggest smile. he is usually standing up, or jumping up and down. he gets ten million kisses and we go down stairs for breakfast.

once they are both in their seats, i let oatmeal out and she gets her breakfast too. the boys and her all eat together and then she sits by landon's chair and waits for her treats. i think he's starting to catch on that she likes his food because i caught him holding his hand out to her with a fist full of corn chex.

once the boys are settled with their breakfast, then i can make a pot of coffee. then i can make myself some breakfast and sit for a few seconds, until someone else needs me.

it's not as quiet as it was before i had my babies, but these chaotic mornings are our routine. they are something, that both my children look forward to. meals around the table, milk mustaches and cereal bowls. momma in her pink robe and bed head that still hasn't been tamed. oatmeal laying under landon's chair practicing her patience. the smell of coffee and the sound of ryan coming down the stairs. stories about star wars and giggles.

these are the moments that will come back to them when they are old, these are the things they will remember.it's the little things, the simple mornings.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Link Love......on a sunday

My So Called Chaos has a great giveaway going on to win an Organic Earthy Skin Therapy Set from Stella Kenton Body Shop. I didn't even want to share this - because I want to win it so bad. ::wink:: 

Sarah from The Fontenot Four has re-launched her Etsy shop, Knitted Simplicity. She has winter headbands that are so ridiculously cute. Knit dish cloths, that I am curious to try. I have heard such great things about them, and they are such pretty colors. A lot better than a yucky sponge. Sponges freak me out. She also has the most beautiful baby blanket,  She's also offering a 15% discount to anything in her shop. Some great holiday gifts over there!! 

Kendall's post on her little one trick or treating made me a little emotional. I had the exact feelings last year. It's crazy, how the smallest things can really pull on those heart strings. It's a touching post on how fast our babies really do grow up! 

Happy Sunday!
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lunch Date

I was parent of the day in Oliver's classroom last week. I sat back and watched him interact with all his friends. How he talked to them and played. What his favorite toys were and what he passed up.
He even asked me to play with him a few times, which made my heart melt. Because out of all the kids there, he picked his Momma. I know there will come a time where he will choose his friends over me, and that pulls on my heart strings. I want to keep him this little.


For always. 

They sang songs and he even followed directions. It made me feel like, I've done something right. How he listened to the teacher and did what she asked. He learned that from somewhere. He learned that from me. It was that moment, when he got his green mat and sat down on the carpet for story time, that made all those hard, difficult, challenging days so very worth it. When I thought he wasn't listening to me, he was. And he remembered it, and used it in places outside of his home.

While others needed a little reminder to sit down during story, there he was. Head in his hands. Elbows resting on his knees. Sitting chris cross applesauce, listening intently to the teacher read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Thank you, Oliver. Thank you for making good choices. 

I watched him paint his egg carton red to look like a firetruck, and glue his red hearts down on the paper.

He laughed and sang songs. Played with friends and shared the toys.

Thank you, Oliver. Thank you, for making good choices. 

After school we went to pick out our pumpkins, in the pouring rain. As I stood there watching him  picking up his pumpkins and carrying them to the car. I didn't want it to end. it was like I was seeing him though new eyes. I don't know what it was about that day, maybe it was the rain making me emotional. Or maybe it was different surrounding. It's easy to lose sight of it in the everyday. Sometimes its hard to see the bigger picture when you're so focused on making it though another day.

After picking out our pumpkins, I took him out to lunch. He sat across from me in that booth and we just talked. This moment, that I visioned when I first saw those two pink lines has finally come, and I was overwhelmed by emotion.

We talked about the pink carnation in the vase that was sitting on the table and the other people eating in the restaurant. We talked about school and what we were going to carve into the pumpkins we just bought. We talked about our lunch and how he had Chewbacha on his shirt. We talked about the rain and the puddles it was leaving on the ground. We talked about his hot dog and the silly smiley faced potato things that came with his meal. We talked about his loganberry and how happy he was to have a 'big kid' drink.

I just kept thinking, he is so grown up. 

I know there will come a day when he will choose someone else over me. He won't want to play cars with his momma, and he won't want to go to lunch with me either. Thinking about it now, seems so far away but it's not. It's tomorrow, next week, three months from now and five years from then. That is how fast it will happen.

Today opened my eyes to things that I have been ignoring. I have been blindly going though the motions of being a mom. I have been rushing the day to end just so I can get a moments peace. What I was really doing, without even knowing it was rushing my son to grow up. I have thought so many times, when he's older this wont be an issue. But I wasn't adding, when he's older this might not be an issue, but other things will be.

So slow down, take the good with the bad and don't wish these moments away.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. Its a cute little place, close to my hometown. It's pretty much a carnival with rides and yummy - totally ridiculously bad for you fair food, some animals and of course the fallish stuff - like pumpkins.

Ryan had to work in the morning, so we got there around 1:30. It was already overcast and the weather man did say rain, but we were determined to have fun.

Once we were inside Oliver wanted to go on all the rides. We distracted him with a trip to see the camel and he even got a kiss. It was the highlight of his first five minutes there, then he was off to the rides.

We needed to stop and get tickets and thats when the fun started. I can't even believe this happened, at a happy place for kids, but it is what it is and I guess the pumpkin farm wasn't an exception.

We were standing in line waiting our turn and this woman comes up on the left of me. I thought at first she was looking at the prices, then she went to get in front of me - completely oblivious of the 20+ people behind her.

This is our conversation - if you can even call it that.

Me: Excuse me ma'am there is a line.
Lady: *looks at me & and looks at all the people behind me* yeah, I see that *while she proceeds to get
in front of me still.
Me: Okay, well it's my turn.
Lady: You're really f*cking rude you know that?
Me: *at this point I was in front of her I turned around* What did you just say?
Lady: You f*cking heard me.
Me: *looking at her Please don't talk like that to me in front of my kids *oliver was next to me*
Lady: Just turn around and get your f*ucking tickets, before I punch you in your f*cking face.
Me: *turned around and got my tickets.

Yeah, that totally happened.

To be honest, I am not big on confrontation. I wasn't trying to be rude by letting her know there was a line, just a 'hey there is a line'. It ruined my time there with my kids. I couldn't shake off the feeling she gave me. I wanted to report her - but there wasn't anywhere to go to do that. So I tried to make the most of the day. It was a stupid situation and I really didn't want it to cast an ugly shadow over the day, so I tried really hard to just shake it off. I was there for my kids and that was the most important.

I took Oliver on some rides and we saw some more animals, then we at some gross but totally delicious fair food. Then we got some ridiculously cute pictures of the boys with the pumpkins.

It finally did start to rain and we made our way back to the car, only to find out that I left the drivers side door open. For 2 hours - it was just chillin wide open. No one shut it for us, probably afraid, or thought someone was in the car. I'm not sure, but yeah, between Ryan and I and even Oliver - the three of us didn't even notice the door was open when we got there. The car started thankfully, but it was still really dumb. And, I'm embarrassed to even admit this - its not the first time we've done it. The last time was on the 4th of July after the fireworks. Apparently its a once every 4 months type of thing.

It wasn't a total bust, but I still cant believe that happened. I just hope that, that woman got home and really felt bad for how she treated me. However, by her actions at that moment, she didn't really seem the type to care much about others feelings, but my hope is that she felt a little bad.

It was a crazy day, I'm glad the boys had fun and we got some cute pictures, but I am pumpkin patched out.

This picture cracks me up! 

....until next year.....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hullabalu Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hullabalu, a company that sells these adorable plush animals. I was asked to select an animal to review for them.

Oliver and I headed over to the website where we clicked though all the adorable animals. It was truly hard to pick one, but Oliver seemed to really like Cedric Draggory. *Yes! His name is Cedric Draggory - of course I would love that one!! ;)*

We received Cedric Draggory the other day, I got the box while the boys were napping so I opened it first so I could get a peak. He is beyond adorable. The colors are so brights and vibrant, and he makes a dragon noise - I wasn't aware of that when we first ordered him. I couldn't wait for Oliver to wake up and meet his new friend.

The boys have been playing with him ever since. He seems to be one of the popular toys in this house.

Sharing his breakfast with him!  
Dragon hugs! 

If you are interested in Hullabalu and all the stuffed animals they offer, you can check them out using this special invitation link. They are also on Facebook, where you can check out pictures of their first character, Pan.

I hope you and your Littles enjoy Hullabalu, as much as we do.

Friday, October 12, 2012

FiveOnFriday: Halloween Decor

FiveOnFriday: Halloween Decor 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Its a toss up really between that and Christmas. I think it has something to do with candy and presents. And decorating too. I love decorating.

With two Littles in the home, its a challenge to decorate. I need to make sure its safe (no candles) and that if it does get touched and broke, its not the end of the world. Thankfully, Pinterest can curb my obsession for Halloween Decor even if its not very practical in my life -- right now.

Here are my five top picks for Halloween decor.

I am so in love with this. My friend shared it on facebook the other day and I really want to make it. I would probably use those fake pumpkins they sell at Joann's that way I could keep it. I just don't have the room for something like this - the boys would be in it and the dog. These houses must not have kids, or pets.

How awesome is she? If you click on the source link under the picture, it will take you to the blog with directions on how she was made. I would love to do something like this, when the boys are older. For year, we would decorate my grandparents front porch. My friends and I would lay really still and when the trick or treaters came up we would move and scare them. It was a lot of fun. I think I need this fortune teller in my life.


This spooky guy was made out of a tomato cage, some Christmas lights and a white sheet. Simple, right?!

Drill holes in the pumpkin, instead of carving it. Yes, that is brilliant.


This is so fun and it was made out of napkins and mod podge. I really do love mod podge.

Well I hope you like my FiveonFriday Halloween Decor list. There are many more on my Halloween // Fall Pinterest Page. 


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