Friday, October 5, 2012

75 Ways to have MORE Fun at Home.

A while back I went searching for fun things to do with the boys. They were getting bored of the same day to day, and I was getting bored too. I have noticed when Oliver is over something or sick of it, it leads to more tantrums and overall its just not a good time, for anyone.


So yeah, that is when I discovered Anna and her blog My Life and Kids. I started following her and came to the conclusion, THIS is what real moms need. Her life is crazy and chaotic as mine but she's laughing her way though it. And to be honest, when you're a parent sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Speaking of laughing. Have you seen this?


Are you peeing your pants laughing? Because I totally was. It's no secret I have a peeing problem! 

Buy eBook Here! 
Well today, I am here to talk about her new eBook. I had the privledge of previewing it for her and I am in love! This book right here, should be on every parents list. I am not even kidding.

Let's recreate a scene. A scene that I am sure has played out in households all over the world. Bins of toys throwing around the room, a screaming toddler and a crying baby. A momma with spit up down her arm and old cheerios sucks to her butt. What do you do in this situation? Crying kids are the pits, especially when they are crying because they are totally over the 93943849 Legos that are thrown around the floor.

Enter Anna's new eBook.

Why not throw and impromptu dance party?


It's raining outside and the kids are watching.....Dora. If you have to hear that map say one more time, "Forest, Bridge, Castle" - you will lose it. How about going for a Rain Walk?


It's 9 am and you're eyeing that bottle of wine, wondering if anyone would notice if you took just a little sip.....It's 5'oclock somewhere right? [please tell me I'm not the only one]

Save the wine and make some Mud pies!!  She totally had me at Mudpies.....Obviously! ;)

You can purchase this eBook as a PDF document from Anna's website or download it straight to your Kindle right on Amazon. It's only $3.99! I mean come on - that is cheaper than your cup of coffee. And its a freaking sanity saver.

I wouldn't promote something that I didn't truly love, or use myself. These are simple things that you can do at home in your pajamas. These are things that can change a mood - everyones mood.

I encourage you to buy the book and have MORE fun at home with your family. You don't need to go out and spend money - just make a Sticker Scavenger Hunt or throw your kids gently place them in the tub for a Mid-Day Bath!!



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