Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Wrestling Affair

The Halloween costumes are finally finished. I've had more fun putting these two costumes together and I couldn't wait to share them with everyone.


What I Did:
Just a red bandana from the dollar store. I tied it to Oliver's head to measure it, and then I took a Lady Gaga wig and I cut it along the webbing. I glued the webbing to the inside of the tied bandana. Then I glued the bandana closed, so all I would have to do is put it on his head, like a hat.
For awhile he looked like Bret Michaels.

The shirt was a regular white long sleeved shirt from Target. I dyed the shirt bright yellow and then cut the sleeves off. I found the Hulkamania font online and just traced it onto the shirt. I used a black fabric marker to outline the letters and then filled them in with red fabric paint.
Bought from Party City.
They were white tights from Target. I dyed them red.
Shoe Covers:
I originally was going to dye a pair of socks yellow to go over his sneakers, but then I found the sleeves to the shirt. They ended up working perfectly. I just pulled them over his legs and down over the sneakers. I'm really glad I didn't toss them.

He doesn't have a mustache on in the picture but he will have one for Halloween. We didn't know if he would keep it on for the fake trick or treating we were going to do today, so we didn't want to waste it. I painted on a yellow mustache today.

Showing off his muscles!! 

Andre the Giant 

What I Did:
The hair in this picture, is different than the hair that I ended up using. I'll tell you want I ended up doing because I liked it much better. I used one of those baby sun hats. I cut off the brim that went all around the hat. Then I found some fuzzy black yarn at Joann's. I hot glued it all over the hat to make sure I covered the entire thing. Then I used two pieces from the brim of the hat for the muttonchops. I glued them to the inside of the hat and then glued the yarn on them, just like I did the hat.

The under outfit is just a white onesie (from Old Navy) and white tights (from Target) that I dyed with tea. I wanted them to be a flesh color so I just kept them in the tea water until they started to resemble....flesh. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. The black singlet is a white onesie that was dyed black. Its not as dark as I wanted, but it works. I then just cut it so it resembled Andre the Giants outfit. Black socks for boots.

Ryan: Lindsay, take the picture they are heavy.
Lindsay: Ryan smile, I have to keep taking more because you're not smiling.
Ryan: I smiled.
Lindsay: You didn't smile! 

We went to a Trick or Treating event at the local community college today. It was fun, and with the weather being as crappy as it is, it was nice to do something inside. Plus Oliver got to meet his hero.

Darth Vader

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  1. Omg! You did such a great job!!! Wish I was this crafty!

  2. OMG! Hilarious and soooo good!!!

  3. that is seriously way too funny!!!!!


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