Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee Talk :: 4

1. If you're at Target or Walmart, what's the first department you hit?
I only shop at Target. I can't stand Walmart. It seems like every time I pull into the parking lot, I get put into a bad mood. I never have any success there and its always so damn crowded every time I go. 
So my first stop in Target is always the $1 bins. You can find so much crap that you really don't need, but you think you totally need in there. 


2. What three items you always have stocked in your home, fridge or pantry?
First and foremost COFFEE. Coffee is always here, and if its not, it gets ugly. Kidding, Tim Hortons is right around the corner, so I will go there as a treat if we run out. Milk, we go through a lot of that with Oliver. Paper towels. I know, I know I should use reusable cloths or whatever, but paper towels are so much easier. I'll save the planet in other ways! 


3. Do you prefer shopping alone or with others?
Oh my goodness, ALONE! I can't stand shopping with other people. Between the epic melt downs over the wrong kind of cereal or the car cart. Whoever invented that is an asshole. Oliver always thinks he wants the car cart, then half way though, he doesn't like it anymore. So I am left to push this large ass cart that doesn't make turns, with one hand because the baby will need to be held at some point. Its ugly and makes me break out in cold sweats. 
Ryan will suggest that we all go as a family sometimes, I'm not sure if he is nuts or what but I always say NO. It's more like, FORK NO! (I have to get creative around here with my swearing, now that Oliver is old enough to repeat!) 


4. What is the biggest splurge you've ever made?
Now, I am pretty good. Before kids, that wasn't always the case. The biggest splurge was probably when I went to San Francisco and bought a $300 pair of jeans. I could never do that now, but it was before marriage and kids. I was also on vacation and it doesn't count when you're on vacation. If we're talking present day, I am pretty bad with shipping. Instead of paying the shipping charge, I will keep adding crap to my cart to get the free shipping! It makes sense in my head! 

5. What is the best deal you've ever snagged? 
I like Swagbucks. When I remember to use it, it's awesome. I've gotten a few Amazon gift cards off of there. For awhile, I was signing up for all those freebies. I've scored some sweet stuff from them. As for buying stuff, I find shopping online is best. Whenever I go into an actual store I get overwhelmed and then end up buying things that I probably don't need. Whereas, online I have a little more control. The best deal lately was getting Landon a pair of sneakers at Payless for $4. They were originally like $20 or something ridiculous. 

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


  1. OMG!! those god awful car carts! I remember my oldest use to LOVE being in those. I think I took down a display of whatever everytime I whipped around the corner... cause lets face it... being in a grocery store with kids for more than an hour is torture.

    But I do have to say.... it is my vacay when I go by myself! And I tend to talk to myself... a lot.

    I do the same thing about adding stuff to your cart just to make it free shipping.... LOL

    Thanks for linking up with me! You made me laugh a lot! HAHA

  2. OMG I totally forgot about swagbucks lol!!!
    dang I need to see if my acct is still active. I used it at my old job alll the time! And I want to see these $300 pair of jeans. They must be amazing! Your target drawing you found is too too cute! Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

  3. I definitely laughed when I read, 'fork no'. I love that!!

  4. Lol, I hate that car cart more than anything.

  5. My first stop at Target is always the $1 bins too...there can be some great treasures in there!
    Modern Modest Beauty


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