Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moonpowder: To help the toddler sleep

Toddlers, they are funny little creatures. Just when you think you have them figured out, they go and change everything up and leave you guessing all over again.

A few weeks ago, Oliver was having a difficult time staying asleep. He would go down fine, and then after a few hours, he would wake up. Not just wake up, roll over, look for "Charlie" and fall back asleep. It was wake up and scream like he was auditioning for a horror film.

Something was frightening him.

Its no secret children have very active imaginations. I think most people know this, even if they don't have children. They are little sponges and the ordinary everyday that we don't even think about, they hold on too. So whatever he has seen, is playing out in his dreams.

That's some deep stuff right there. Especially for a little kid.

So after a few nights of these 'night terrors' what all the more experienced moms on Facebook called them, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew that this phase or whatever it was, would most likely happen again and when it did I wanted to be prepared.

Oliver has this book called MoonPowder by John Rocco. It's been hiding in the back of his closet for who knows how long and when I was rotating his toys I found it. It looked decent so I brought it out and put it in his book box. The story is cute and the illustrations are amazing. It's pretty much about a little boy who can't sleep because he has bad dreams. The Moon visits him in what he thinks is real life and has him fix the moon factory. They need to make more Moonpowder for the rest of the children to have sweet dreams.

That's where the Moonpowder comes in.

To make your own moon powder all you need is a salt shaker and some baking soda. I added just a touch of glitter for effect. Don't go crazy with the glitter, you'll be shaking this thing all over your kids room.

Take your 'moonpowder' and shake it all around the bedroom. Next to the bed and most importantly in front of the closet door. Apparently, that's where all the scary things hang out.

Moonpowder has been working in this house for weeks now. Hopefully, it will work at your house too.



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