Monday, October 22, 2012


prior to kids, my morning routine was simple. i woke up and spent a little time alone in the quiet. i would drink my coffee and eat a little breakfast while watching the morning news. then i would get ready for my day. that would include a hot shower, enough time to blow dry and straighten my hair and plenty of time to apply my make up.

since becoming a mom, my mornings have changed drastically. when it was just oliver, i could sometimes get away with a morning shower. sometimes he even let me blow dry my hair and put on make up. he was happy sitting in his bouncer in the bathroom while i got myself ready.

today my mornings look much different. a little more crazy. a lot more rushed. i don't move quickly, i am my happiest when i can go at my own pace. that is a blessing and a curse. the boys (and puppy) however, know one speed and that is fast. actually, more like very fast.

but when i hear that little voice over the monitor saying "mommy, i want to go down stairs now" i pull myself out of my comfy, warm bed and i go and get Oliver. he is usually the first one up. he needs to get up so he can play with his star wars toys. they are his current favorite, and by the looks of it, they aren't going to be replaced any time soon.

i go into his room where i am greeted by my sweet blue eyed boy. he needs to pack up his blankets and his pillow. they must go down stairs with us too. he has to go down the stairs on his own, he's too big to be carried and he wants to show me how well he does at going down the stairs. counting all the way down. 1...2...4...6...3...

he'll get it someday.

once downstairs, its time for breakfast and his cup of milk. he loves milk, it gives him some kind of comfort. and makes him happy.

by the time breakfast is ready, landon is awake babbling in his crib. he doesn't cry much anymore, he just talks and waits for us to get him. i think he can hear me climb the stairs because he always gets quiet when i am right by his door. when i open it, i am greeted with the biggest smile. he is usually standing up, or jumping up and down. he gets ten million kisses and we go down stairs for breakfast.

once they are both in their seats, i let oatmeal out and she gets her breakfast too. the boys and her all eat together and then she sits by landon's chair and waits for her treats. i think he's starting to catch on that she likes his food because i caught him holding his hand out to her with a fist full of corn chex.

once the boys are settled with their breakfast, then i can make a pot of coffee. then i can make myself some breakfast and sit for a few seconds, until someone else needs me.

it's not as quiet as it was before i had my babies, but these chaotic mornings are our routine. they are something, that both my children look forward to. meals around the table, milk mustaches and cereal bowls. momma in her pink robe and bed head that still hasn't been tamed. oatmeal laying under landon's chair practicing her patience. the smell of coffee and the sound of ryan coming down the stairs. stories about star wars and giggles.

these are the moments that will come back to them when they are old, these are the things they will's the little things, the simple mornings.


  1. The simple things are the best....and although there are mornings that I'm sure you wake up wishing for your old morning routine, you wouldn't give up this time with your boys (or Oatmeal) for the world :)

  2. I love our mornings too. Something about breakfast. I feel so much closer to my family after a good night's sleep drinking coffee and eating breakfast than I do at the end of a long day.

  3. My very favorite post from you. Even though I'm there almost every morning, you capture the moment and allow me to re-live it while I'm at work. You are so right on it being the little things, as these are memories that when we are old and gray, we will look back on and cherish.


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