Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. Its a cute little place, close to my hometown. It's pretty much a carnival with rides and yummy - totally ridiculously bad for you fair food, some animals and of course the fallish stuff - like pumpkins.

Ryan had to work in the morning, so we got there around 1:30. It was already overcast and the weather man did say rain, but we were determined to have fun.

Once we were inside Oliver wanted to go on all the rides. We distracted him with a trip to see the camel and he even got a kiss. It was the highlight of his first five minutes there, then he was off to the rides.

We needed to stop and get tickets and thats when the fun started. I can't even believe this happened, at a happy place for kids, but it is what it is and I guess the pumpkin farm wasn't an exception.

We were standing in line waiting our turn and this woman comes up on the left of me. I thought at first she was looking at the prices, then she went to get in front of me - completely oblivious of the 20+ people behind her.

This is our conversation - if you can even call it that.

Me: Excuse me ma'am there is a line.
Lady: *looks at me & and looks at all the people behind me* yeah, I see that *while she proceeds to get
in front of me still.
Me: Okay, well it's my turn.
Lady: You're really f*cking rude you know that?
Me: *at this point I was in front of her I turned around* What did you just say?
Lady: You f*cking heard me.
Me: *looking at her Please don't talk like that to me in front of my kids *oliver was next to me*
Lady: Just turn around and get your f*ucking tickets, before I punch you in your f*cking face.
Me: *turned around and got my tickets.

Yeah, that totally happened.

To be honest, I am not big on confrontation. I wasn't trying to be rude by letting her know there was a line, just a 'hey there is a line'. It ruined my time there with my kids. I couldn't shake off the feeling she gave me. I wanted to report her - but there wasn't anywhere to go to do that. So I tried to make the most of the day. It was a stupid situation and I really didn't want it to cast an ugly shadow over the day, so I tried really hard to just shake it off. I was there for my kids and that was the most important.

I took Oliver on some rides and we saw some more animals, then we at some gross but totally delicious fair food. Then we got some ridiculously cute pictures of the boys with the pumpkins.

It finally did start to rain and we made our way back to the car, only to find out that I left the drivers side door open. For 2 hours - it was just chillin wide open. No one shut it for us, probably afraid, or thought someone was in the car. I'm not sure, but yeah, between Ryan and I and even Oliver - the three of us didn't even notice the door was open when we got there. The car started thankfully, but it was still really dumb. And, I'm embarrassed to even admit this - its not the first time we've done it. The last time was on the 4th of July after the fireworks. Apparently its a once every 4 months type of thing.

It wasn't a total bust, but I still cant believe that happened. I just hope that, that woman got home and really felt bad for how she treated me. However, by her actions at that moment, she didn't really seem the type to care much about others feelings, but my hope is that she felt a little bad.

It was a crazy day, I'm glad the boys had fun and we got some cute pictures, but I am pumpkin patched out.

This picture cracks me up! 

....until next year.....


  1. Oh my goodness! All sort of cuteness and fun! Your images are fantastic. I'm sorry to hear about such hostility in a place of family fun..I'm glad that you managed to enjoy the day. That sort of thing always seems to shake me up, especially when my kiddos are with me. Sending my best - Monica

  2. I can't believe that woman!! I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation. I think you handled it in a very classy manner though, and it looks like Oliver and Landon had a blast :)

  3. I love pumpkin patches! This is too cute, wonderful pictures.

  4. DUDE! Honestly my stomach twisted for you, I get such adrenaline when people act like that, but with the kids around it makes it even harder to handle. I can't even believe people sometimes. It's like road rage, I get utterly shocked at peoples flat out aggression toward strangers. it's pretty scary! On a bright note, it looks like you had a good day. The pics are cute.

  5. wow what a horrible lady! thats nuts.


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