Monday, October 8, 2012

Why My Mail Man Is Afraid To Come To The Door

I go back and forth with how much I share here, sometimes I want to let it all hang out and other times I want to girdle it up.

This is one of those times I am going to let it all hang out...literally.

An email conversation with Rachel over at life as Mrs. sparked the need to share this story with others. You might remember Rachel, she's the one who sent me all this sweet stuff! 

So anyways, everyday we watch the mailman deliver our mail. He is sweet, I've talked to him a few times when he's come to the door to drop off the mail that is too big to fit in the box.

When I was pregnant with Landon, he came to the door one day to drop off a box that was too big to fit into the mailbox. Oliver was little about 19-20 months. I was very pregnant with Landon. So pregnant, that most of my clothes didn't fit.  I had on the only pair of yoga pants that I could manage to squeeze into and the longest shirt I could find.

Oliver wanted to be picked up. I couldn't possibly pick him up and open the door at the same time. So while I was opening the door - Oliver decided then would be the perfect time to pull on my pant leg.

You know where this is going?! Right.

Yes, Oliver pantsed his 8 month pregnant mom in front of the mailman.

If you have ever been pregnant you know how difficult it is to do anything when you are that big.
Bending over to pull up pants should be an Olympic event.



  1. LMAO!! I wish I was there!! Because I feel your pain on that girl! With BOTH of my girls, I got insanely HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!! Pushing more like 200 lbs actually!!!! And I am 5'1 !!!! Yah. I feel your pain on that one!!

  2. You poor thing!!! It's like running into your OBGYN at Target. Which happened to me. :/ Yours is worse, since their is the chance of daily run ins!

  3. lol! awesome. so glad that didn't happen to me!


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