Friday, November 30, 2012

And Just Like That.....Landon Is One

I blinked my eyes and here we are. One year later. The baby that I thought would never arrive, has been here a whole year. And what an amazingly wonderful year it has been. 

He is everything I dreamed of and once his little, chubby body was laid on my chest - my world felt complete. My heart felt whole. He was the puzzle piece that was missing and once he arrived, we were a complete family. 

He is my everything. He is our everything. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Man. 
We love you. 

[Just a little video - with one of my favorite songs.]

Read more about Landon here

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods....

The holidays are among us, and now is the time that I start frantically thinking about how I am going to manage these next few days, with two boys. Last year it was easy, Thanksgiving rolled around and I rolled my very pregnant ass to the dinner table (twice) and then rolled it back home. Oliver was still young enough that he didn't know any better and went along with what his parents said. Prior to kids, the holidays were a walk in the park. We would show up at one house, or restaurant wherever Ryan's family decided to have it that year, drink and eat until we couldn't eat anymore. Then head over to my families house. where we would continue to drink and eat until we couldn't eat anymore. The cousins would hang out and play games, it truly was a good time.

Now, its still a good time, its just....different. We don't make the rules anymore. We don't get to decide if we want to hang out a little longer. We answer to them and when they are ready, no matter how much fun we are having, we are ready too.

Planning for holiday adventures is always strategically calculated. Their naps must be adjusted a little bit, if they go to bed in the early afternoon, then I can get them up and we can get to the in-laws by 2:30. That should work, we better pack some snacks in the diaper bag so they have something to eat in the car. You know if you don't feed them exactly 30 minutes after waking they turn into gremlins. Oh you thought that was just a movie, apparently you have never seen a hungry child, who was just woken up from dreamland. Then there is the challenge of getting them dressed.  While also trying to keep all their "kidness" off of your nice clothes. People always wonder why we are late. Have you ever tried to get two kids dressed, plus yourself? I don't dress myself in my 'nice' clothes until the last possible minutes, because you know how that Murphy's law works. The minute that I get my clothes on, someone is either going to have explosive diarrhea or throw up. Then there are the boogers that are carefully wiped on the shoulders of my shirts or the ground up, soggy animal cracker that manage to land where else? But right on my boob.

Once we make it to our destination, we have to deal with "shy Oliver" for a few minutes. he may see these people all the time, but the first 10 minutes or so, are spent clinging to us, like he is some spider monkey.  Landon is more go with the flow. He doesn't really know what is going on, and is kind of like whatever. as long as there is food involved, he's happy.

Once Oliver warms us, then there is no stopping him. He is off, running around with his cousins and playing. happily. It's in these moments that Ryan and I can actually have a conversation or maybe even a drink. Sometimes if we are lucky we can eat in peace. But we try not to draw too much attention to ourselves, because the minute that we look comfortable, a child is going to need us RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Next it will be time to feed the children. Landon will happily scarf down all the food, while Oliver will turn up his nose and ask for peanut butter and jelly.

Dinner one is over. Now we will take 25 minutes to pack up our children and ourselves to head over to dinner number two. Don't forget the diaper bag. "Ryan, do you have the keys?" "No! I don't have the keys!" Where are the keys?!

Remember all that stuff that happened up there, about the being shy and becoming a cling on. Well get ready because its going to happen again. 10 minutes later, Oliver will be break dancing on the family room carpet. the family will dote on the children and Ryan and I will get another minute to breathe. Again, not looking too comfortable in fear that the children will notice and need us RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

On to dinner. again Landon will happily eat his 2nd dinner and Oliver will continue to pick at the potatoes and repeat, "I'm scared" whenever I remind him to eat his turkey. It will take some convincing, and maybe even some bribing to get him to actually eat. "Hey Oliver, you see that pie over there. yeah, well you can totally have some if you eat three bites of turkey, two bites of potatoes and four green beans." You might be thinking, Really? That's all he has to eat? I am not kidding when i say that getting him to eat those nine bites of food, will take an hour. In that time he will become distracted with his milk cup and spill it.

Are you tired yet? I am.

After dinner, Oliver will remind me that I promised him pie and throw himself on the floor in typical "wet noodle" fashion until he gets some piiiieeeee. 

So now, my children have been up the majority of the day, their schedules are completely off and they are beyond tired. Its time to get their pajamas on and head home. Oh wait someone forgot to pack the pajamas in the diaper bag. Dirty looks are shot from across the room at the parent responsible for the memory lapse and the lack of pjs.

In all seriousness, that is probably how my Thanksgiving will be. But it's okay, I wouldn't trade these crazy, chaotic moments for the quieter, easier ones. My children are making memories with their families and we're instilling traditions that are so very important to us. Plus, Friday while all the loonytoons are out for SUPER SAVINGS we'll rest, veg out in front of the TV, watch holiday movies and eat leftovers!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oliver Says....

It's that time again! 

Oliver has been on a roll with taking 
{and saying things he probably shouldn't!}

They are just too funny. I don't want to forget any of them! 

Oliver and Ryan were sharing an ice cream cone the other day. Ryan asked for a bite, Oliver let him had some then said, "I'll have the rest!"

Oliver was laying on the floor watching "Bubble Guppies" Landon crawled over and started grabbing at his shirt. Oliver rolled over looked at Landon and said, "Not cool Wrinkles. NOT. COOL" Then ran off.

"It's a mess in here. Clean up Mom"

I was dying Landon's costume with tea bags and Oliver said, "I want to tea bag you, mommy!" 

"Hey Bad Yayder, Lets get this party started!" 

Me: Oatmeal ate Nien Nunb hand and part of his gun
Oliver: Fix it. 
Me: I can't its in her belly
Oliver: Fix it when she poops.

Oliver keeps asking if he can go back and live in my belly. I told him that I would love it, but he is far too big to fit. He cried, like big crocodile tears. We settled for in my shirt instead.

"Bad Yayder you're going back to the store."

Oatmeal ate skywalkers hand : Oliver: "oh shit!" 

"My butts gotta poop!"

Oliver is in his room telling me he wants to go to school. - This was at 1AM! 

"Momma, you pretty like Cindera!" (cinderella)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coffee Talk No.10

Thursday again...that means coffee talk with Miss Natalie. I really like these, because, believe it or not - sometimes I do not know what to talk about. So answering questions is fun! 

1. What is your worst habit?
Gah. I swear. A lot. I thought for sure after I had kids, I would be more aware of the words that come out of my mouth - but it hasn't changed. I don't swear much on the blog because, I feel like, its intentional. Whereas, if I am saying it, I have no control and it just happens. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking too it. 


Funny story - well its funny to me. Some may find it offensive. Oliver was playing with his Star Wars guys the other day. He wanted Darth Vader to do something and it wasn't working. Clear as day, I hear "Bad Yayder you're a stupid asshole" That's my boy. Ohh and then there was this day! 

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have a lot, but I never remember them when I'm asked this question. I don't even know when or why I was last asked this question. Um, know it alls. I really don't like people who think they know everything. If I am doing something, and someone offers their unsolicited advice - I get stabby. 

I also don't like it when I am driving and someone pulls out in front of me and goes 20 mph. It really ticks me off when there is no one behind me and instead of waiting for me to pass - they pull out anyway! That is a big GRR. 

And the BIGGEST ONE EVER - people who chew with their damn mouth open! Gah. You are not a cow, close your damn mouth! 


3. What is annoying you right this minute?
My cat is laying next to my head and he keeps wagging his tail in my face. 

4. How do you relieve stress? 
Ha! Eat. I wish I was kidding. No I have gotten better about the whole emotional eating nonsense. And I joined the gym. I actually really do love going, that time away is nice and I found a love affair in spinning!


5. What TRULY makes you happy? 
I have a pretty great life. I love that I can stay home with my kids, they may drive me crazy but the fact that I get to experience all their ups and downs - daily is so important to me. My husband, Ryan is amazing and so supportive of all my dreams. Even when they are way out there and crazy. Everyone I love is healthy - that right there makes me the happiest. I have a good thing going here, sometimes I need to really step back and remember that. 

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Decor

I'll admit it, I am one of those crazies that gets excited [super early] over the holiday season. Yes, I am fully aware that it is only November, but I love getting a head start on my Christmas decorating. Getting it done early, leaves more time for me to enjoy it, with my family. Making my own decorations is something that brings me joy, and in ways it's my therapy - this DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Decor is one of my faovirtes. 

Landon's birthday party is coming up, so I can't officially decorate until it's over. So in the mean time, I figured I would start making some Christmas decor.

This is a really easy craft, you can totally customize it, change the trees to stars or little light bulbs. Have all red and green, or silver and gold. There is so many different way you can make this. I chose Christmas Trees.

You'll also need some card stock to make your trees and to glue your trees on. Ooops forgot to write it on there. You can see it under the scissors and pen though! :)

I made my stencil, by folding a piece of cardstock in half and drawing a tree shape. I cut it out and then used it to trace my trees onto another sheet of cardstock.

So tell me, do you start decorating early? Or do you wait until a little closer to Christmas?

Linking up to these fabulous parties 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Growing up I was the only child. I made up for my lack of siblings with imaginary friends. I would talk to them like the were truly there. We would play barbies and have tea parties. I would take them outside to play on my swing set and swim in the pool. "Fred" and "The Boss" were their names. I still remember blaming Fred for breaking my moms vase. 

I always wanted a brother or sister. someone I could talk to in the middle of the night. A constant friend to play with. An ear to listen. A shoulder to cry on. I wanted that sister who would get mad at me for stealing her clothes. Or a brother who would threaten the boy who just broke my heart. A sibling to hold my hand as we walked in to say goodbye to our father as he passed away. Someone to cry with as our lives were ripped out from under us, the day our parents divorced. Instead, I went though that all alone. I was jealous of my friends who had siblings. Even when they didn't get along - I wanted to have someone to fight with. 

Being the only child...was lonely. I spent my time with a lot of adults and maybe grew up too quickly. Not having anyone to share things with, made it pretty hard to share growing up. Even now, I tend to hoard things for myself, or become slightly annoyed when Ryan finishes the last of something. I'm not perfect, I'm a work in progress and maybe living with me isn't always the easiest thing ever, but I think that I have adjusted well, even though I am not the best at sharing. 

I have always wanted to have a big family. A house full of kids, noise, toys. I had visions of us around a table having family dinners and carting the children off to their football games or dance recitals. When Ryan and I started talking about kids, I let him know that I wanted at least two. It didn't matter what they were, boys or girls. that's not important to me. I just wanted more than one. I didn't want my child to ever be alone. 

Oliver and Landon are starting to form this bond, this bond that I had always wanted. My two babies are the best of friends, and even though they are still so very young, they fight. Oliver is learning that he has to share. His response is always, 'well these are my toys' and he's right, they are his toys. Mostly every toy in this house was Oliver's first. But now that Landon is here and he is old enough to play, he wants to play with them too. So it leads to a lot of arguments over what Landon can and can't play with. And as chaotic as it may be at times, I love the sound of them bickering. It's mostly one sided, seeing Landon can't talk. But I'll just sit and listen as Oliver tells Landon that the piano is his but he'll let him use it, and that the Star Wars guys are his and he doesn't want him to play with them today. 

They truly love each other. When Landon sees Oliver, his face lights ups. he tries so hard to do what Oliver does and sometimes he is successful. Other times he gets discouraged and then this happens. The moment when Oliver, completely on his own, will go up to him and put his arm around him and tell him not to cry. He hasn't been prompted or told to do it. Complete empathy for his baby brother. Its in those moments that I know having two was the best decision we could have made. I am not sure what the future holds as far as more children, but I know that these two will always have each other, and I hope with every ounce of my being that they remain this close. 

Friday, November 9, 2012


Five.On.Friday : Quotes 

I really love quotes. I remember when I was a teen sitting on the computer looking up quotes and writing them in a notebook. I had pages of quotes, one for ever feeling. I really do love words. 


Do you have a favorite quote? Share it in the comments. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway 
from Kim
Happy Friday!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coffee Talk No.9

I'm back with another Coffee Talk. This time I won't be doing a Vlog. As fun as it was, it made me incredibly nervous. I might do it again though. Someday! 

On with the show.......

1. When is your birthday? How old will you be? What is your sign?
April 7th. I'll be 29. Aries. 


2. What's the BEST birthday gift you've ever gotten? What is the WORST gift?
I'm not really sure what the best gift was. A lot of the times, we get gifts for each other and say, 'this is for your birthday!' So I guess, I'll say my MacBook Pro. That's like a birthday, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Valentines Day gift all in one. We're also really bad at keeping secrets, so I usually get my gifts early. It's okay though - I really like getting presents. (and giving them too, but this is about MY birthday - so I'm just being honest! ;) ) 

As for the worst gift, I don't know. I'm pretty easy to please - just someone thinking of me on my birthday and taking their time out to get me something, makes me happy. 

3. Do you like having birthday parties for yourself? What about surprise birthday parties? 
Uh, yes. very much so. I love everything about everything when it comes to birthdays. I believe they should be BIG and celebrated for weeks. For as long as I can remember, I've had a birthday party. When I was a kid, my family would invite my whole freaking class. Now, that I am a mom - I cannot imagine doing something that crazy. As I got older - I would always have a few friends over. My grandma always made my birthday such a special day for me. Even now, she makes it really fun. 

And of course there is cake!!

I've never had a surprise party. And I AM HOPING THAT SOMEONE WHO IS READING THIS WILL GET HIS SHIZ TOGETHER AND PLAN SOMETHING FOR THE BIG 3.0. You have time Ryan, so don't panic yet. I am still a youngin. 

Even for the boys, I go all out. It was so special for me, I want them to have that too. And they are little so I can still plan everything!! 

4. What is your dream birthday party bash???
I would love a Mad Hatter themed party. I would love for everyone to come dressed up. We'd have tiny hats for all the guests. The decorations would be right out of the movie. If I don't have this party, someone needs too - I have far too many ideas to let go to waste. 


I also think a masquerade party would be fun. Maybe I should just be a party planner. 


5. What is your favorite kind of birthday cake? [handmade, store bought, made fresh by a baker]
My favorite cake is my grandmas. She doesn't do anything special, but she does use heart shaped pans and she layers it. In between the layers is chocolate pudding AND raspberry jam. She knows whats up. 

I love ALL the cakes though. Especially bakery cakes!! If someone brought me a cake - we'd be friends for life. However, if you are bringing me a cake, than we probably are already friends. It would be really random, if a stranger brought me a cake. 

6. What is on your birthday wish list? 
I'm not really sure. I guess home stuff. Things that I really hate to buy, like towels and sheets. I'm not really all that fun. More beads and stuff to make jewelry. 

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meet Kim

Hey guys, I'd like for you to meet Kim. She is the author behind the blog, Singledou[b]t. I 'met' Kim months ago when she won some ad space on my blog. She is seriously one of the kindest bloggers I have ever met and I'd love to hang out with her and drink some Sangria. I finally found someone who loves it as much as I do!!!! 

Not only is she sweet, I admire her story, she followed her heart even though it was scary. Now she is doing what she loves in New York City. 

On Singledou[bt]t you'll find a lot of different posts. She writes about her faith, and her relationship with God. I have read her older posts and the one that sticks out the most is What I Am Learning From a Ball of Yarn. It doesn't happen a lot but there will be moments when I read a post and it just kind of hits me. That post is one that I remembered and think back on often.

Not only is she kind and sweet, she is ridiculously talented. She is a great author, but its her photography that is absolutely amazing. I wish that I could take just one picture like her. Kim, recently renamed her Etsy shop [with the help of her lovely readers!] and she is off promoting all the awesomeness she has! At City Girl Creations, you'll not only find photos of The Brooklyn Bridge or Stary New York Night [which is my favorite by the way] you'll also find hand knitted scarves and reusable swiffer covers! Say what? I need some of those for our new hardwood floors! 

Anyways, I'd love for you to stop over to Singledou[b]t and say hi to this lovely lady. Grab a cup of coffee and look around - I think you'll love her as much as I do. 

Because Kim is so awesome - 
she is giving away one of her Infinity Scarves from her shop 
Good Luck!! 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 Things I Have Learned From Having a Dog

We've had Oatmeal for a few months now. She's getting better and starting to learn some tricks. I like her, and I even think that I am starting to love her. I'm not sure that I would consider myself a dog person, yet, but if she keeps up what she's doing, then maybe. However, there have been a few times where I have threatened to take her back to the store. 

I have compiled a list of several things that I have learned from having a dog. 

* If it holds any importance to you, don't leave it out. Dogs don't care about material things and they will attempt to eat it or chew it into a million pieces if you're not careful. 

* Dogs don't have a concept of time. She will happily nap all day long. Even when we want to play with her, she will kind of play. But 8pm rolls around, that equals run around the dining room table as fast as I can time! 

* Dogs are fast. Don't try to chase a dog you will look like a fool and the dog will run laps around you. Then you will fall on your face in front of the entire neighborhood. The dog will then come over and make sure you are alright. 

* Dogs eat anything, even if it's not food. Or appetizing. Oatmeal ate my underwear the other day. It was not important to me, I don't have a sentimental feeling towards my underwear but it annoyed me. However, having to pull the underwear thread out of her butthole the next day was much, much worse. 

* Dogs are harder than children. However, dogs have crates and unfortunately kids can't be crated. legally. 

* Dogs love to beg. Oh you're making a peanut butter sandwich? Better make one for the dog because you know the minute you open up that peanut butter jar that dog will be right there trying to wedge itself in-between you and the cabinets. 

* Dogs are quick to forgive. After the underwear incident, Luke Skywalker becoming an amputee incident, Ryan's underwear incident, The Ugg boot button incident, the almost getting sprayed by a skunk incident...... Oatmeal has been in trouble more times to count. However, the minute I have cooled down, she is right there, tail wagging waiting to be pet. She likes to curl up next to me when she knows she has done wrong. 

* Q-tip cotton looks the same coming out as it did going in. The only difference is, its in poop form. Same with foam fingers. 

* Dogs don't care about day light savings and extra hours of sleep. 

* Dogs are always happy to see you. If you leave the room for 2 seconds or 5 hours. The minute you return you will get pounced on. You must stop everything you are doing and pet the dog, because they won't stop until you give them your undivided attention. 

* Dogs would eat all. day. long. Oatmeal and Landon are in cahoots. She is going to be a 500 lb walrus  if she doesn't slow down on the eating. She has no self control, and Landon he thinks its hilarious. He feeds her, she eats his socks. Landon wins because he hates socks and Oatmeal wins because she gets to eat all the things. 

I love her most day. She is like a 3rd child, and she gets into everything but it could be worse and she is very cute and I guess we'll keep her. We'll just keep our underwear locked up. 

Newlywed Moments

Monday, November 5, 2012

Star Wars

Currently, the biggest obsession in this house is Star Wars. Oliver can't get enough of it.

Ryan has been obsessed with Star Wars since he was a little boy, he's now starting to get Oliver into it. They have bonded over the movies and all the characters. Oliver knows them all, even the less popular ones.

Ryan opened a can of worms a few weeks ago, by giving him one Play-skool Heros (I think that's what they are called) whenever he had a good day.

So now, he thinks he can get a new guy everyday.

"I good boy, Momma!" He'll say, when he remembers what happens when he is following directions. Or whenever Ryan walks in, he asks for a new guy.

Its actually kind of funny.

The other morning I was cleaning and saw this, hanging on our Halloween calendar.

Yup, that would be 5 Star Wars guys, climbing up the calendar!!

I don't know when he did it and he never said anything about it.  But its actually kind of common to see Oliver's toys mixed in with our everyday decor.

What do your kids love to play with?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coffee Talk - A Vlog

Ahhh, so okay. I am back with the Coffee Talk and I am linking up over at Ohemgee. Last week she encouraged everyone to make a Vlog. I have wanted to make one of awhile, but I never know what to talk about. So answering questions was easy enough!


Yeah so, that was scary.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair


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