Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11 Things I Have Learned From Having a Dog

We've had Oatmeal for a few months now. She's getting better and starting to learn some tricks. I like her, and I even think that I am starting to love her. I'm not sure that I would consider myself a dog person, yet, but if she keeps up what she's doing, then maybe. However, there have been a few times where I have threatened to take her back to the store. 

I have compiled a list of several things that I have learned from having a dog. 

* If it holds any importance to you, don't leave it out. Dogs don't care about material things and they will attempt to eat it or chew it into a million pieces if you're not careful. 

* Dogs don't have a concept of time. She will happily nap all day long. Even when we want to play with her, she will kind of play. But 8pm rolls around, that equals run around the dining room table as fast as I can time! 

* Dogs are fast. Don't try to chase a dog you will look like a fool and the dog will run laps around you. Then you will fall on your face in front of the entire neighborhood. The dog will then come over and make sure you are alright. 

* Dogs eat anything, even if it's not food. Or appetizing. Oatmeal ate my underwear the other day. It was not important to me, I don't have a sentimental feeling towards my underwear but it annoyed me. However, having to pull the underwear thread out of her butthole the next day was much, much worse. 

* Dogs are harder than children. However, dogs have crates and unfortunately kids can't be crated. legally. 

* Dogs love to beg. Oh you're making a peanut butter sandwich? Better make one for the dog because you know the minute you open up that peanut butter jar that dog will be right there trying to wedge itself in-between you and the cabinets. 

* Dogs are quick to forgive. After the underwear incident, Luke Skywalker becoming an amputee incident, Ryan's underwear incident, The Ugg boot button incident, the almost getting sprayed by a skunk incident...... Oatmeal has been in trouble more times to count. However, the minute I have cooled down, she is right there, tail wagging waiting to be pet. She likes to curl up next to me when she knows she has done wrong. 

* Q-tip cotton looks the same coming out as it did going in. The only difference is, its in poop form. Same with foam fingers. 

* Dogs don't care about day light savings and extra hours of sleep. 

* Dogs are always happy to see you. If you leave the room for 2 seconds or 5 hours. The minute you return you will get pounced on. You must stop everything you are doing and pet the dog, because they won't stop until you give them your undivided attention. 

* Dogs would eat all. day. long. Oatmeal and Landon are in cahoots. She is going to be a 500 lb walrus  if she doesn't slow down on the eating. She has no self control, and Landon he thinks its hilarious. He feeds her, she eats his socks. Landon wins because he hates socks and Oatmeal wins because she gets to eat all the things. 

I love her most day. She is like a 3rd child, and she gets into everything but it could be worse and she is very cute and I guess we'll keep her. We'll just keep our underwear locked up. 

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  1. Hahaha all very true! We have 3 dogs and one is a 10 month old puppy who eats everything!

  2. Such a very very cute dog! and all very true! thanks so much for joining the link up!

  3. ohmygoodness! I love it that your dog's name is Oatmeal! That is adorable! Great post!

  4. So true! Found your blog via the GFC hop. Excited to follow along. Check out my blog if you get a chance.


    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  5. New follower via the blog hop! :) Love the title of your blog. We bought our first dog 2 years ago & I was never, ever a dog person. After 2 years, I like to think that the pup has grown on me! :) Would love for you to stop by & say hi!

    Amy @ keepin' up with the Smith's

  6. Hi new to your blog from the GFC hop love your blog already cant wait to read more. I have a little Daddy blog if you have time it would be great if you could pop by.


  7. So funny, my mini daschund Haiku turned 8 months and she does everything you wrote ! She does love to sneak in and steal my underwear, and tonight she decided to try with my boots and then my slippers. I'm a cat person but she does that "face" and I give up !

    She also loves when I chase her around the diner table and at 8 pm. Guess French and American dogs are not that different, after all ! and it's true, that they love you unconditionnally. Quite different from my two cats,that I love even more since they have to deal with that tiny monster ;)

    1. Yeah, as a cat person - getting a dog was very different for me. Dogs are funny though and she is a sweet girl. I guess I really do love her. lol.

  8. Haha sounds like you have learned a lot in a short amount of time! At least Oatmeal is adorable! :)

  9. Hahaha, so true! This cracks me up because I can identify with every point on some level. Love my dog!

  10. Hm, at some points I honestly cannot agree with you. I've had my little doggy Jessy for full 13 years now, and when he was a puppy, he did all these things too, but we weren't annoyed or angry at him. When you get a dog that young, you cannot expect him to know what he should do or not. It is like having a child, and it learns slowly. Even though my dog gave us some headaches at the beginning too (like destroying out shoes, rugs and so on), we never thought of giving him back because animals aren't toys which you can toss around as you wish. Please don't misunderstand me, I am just very sensitive when it comes to this topic.

    But she looks really cute, and I honestly hope you'll all get along in the future! :)

    Xo, A.

    1. That is great your dog is so good. I hope after 13 years I feel the way about Oatmeal, that you feel about your dog. We like her, we actually love her - she is part of the family that is why we haven't actually sent her back to the store. She belongs here with us. We didn't decide on a whim to go out and buy a dog, we waited a long time for her - I would never actually send her back. It was a joke.


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