Monday, November 19, 2012

Oliver Says....

It's that time again! 

Oliver has been on a roll with taking 
{and saying things he probably shouldn't!}

They are just too funny. I don't want to forget any of them! 

Oliver and Ryan were sharing an ice cream cone the other day. Ryan asked for a bite, Oliver let him had some then said, "I'll have the rest!"

Oliver was laying on the floor watching "Bubble Guppies" Landon crawled over and started grabbing at his shirt. Oliver rolled over looked at Landon and said, "Not cool Wrinkles. NOT. COOL" Then ran off.

"It's a mess in here. Clean up Mom"

I was dying Landon's costume with tea bags and Oliver said, "I want to tea bag you, mommy!" 

"Hey Bad Yayder, Lets get this party started!" 

Me: Oatmeal ate Nien Nunb hand and part of his gun
Oliver: Fix it. 
Me: I can't its in her belly
Oliver: Fix it when she poops.

Oliver keeps asking if he can go back and live in my belly. I told him that I would love it, but he is far too big to fit. He cried, like big crocodile tears. We settled for in my shirt instead.

"Bad Yayder you're going back to the store."

Oatmeal ate skywalkers hand : Oliver: "oh shit!" 

"My butts gotta poop!"

Oliver is in his room telling me he wants to go to school. - This was at 1AM! 

"Momma, you pretty like Cindera!" (cinderella)


  1. Oh my gosh this is ADORABLE! Why is so cute when kids swear???? Just is. :)


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