Monday, December 10, 2012

A Visitor

A few years ago, thanks to blogland - I discovered The Elf on the Shelf. I wanted one then and there, but it was silly because it was just Ryan, me and a little baby Oliver. So I held off, a 10 month old baby has no clue whats going on with anything, he sure wouldn't know what the deal was with a silly elf.

This year, was the magical year. Oliver, almost 3 is all about Christmas. And all about following the rules so he doesn't end up on the naughty list.

Enter "Knows"

First night - hanging toilet paper from the light
I could not wait until the day after Thanksgiving to introduce "Knows" to the kids. Oliver at the first meeting was a little curious. He thought he was funny hanging from toilet paper from the dining room lamp, but he still wasn't about naming him. Hence the name "Know." Whenever we asked him what he wanted his name to be, he would just say "No!" Ryan had the better idea to change the spelling to "Know!" because he know's everything.


Eating Oliver's left over Halloween candy 

Wishing Landon a happy 1st birthday 
Moving on, now his name is "Knows" as Oliver loves to call him. He has become a part of our family.
Every morning now, the first thing Oliver asks is "Where's Knows?" I'm having a great time finding funny things for him to do and tricks to pull.

Keeping it classy

Mess makin'

Hangin' with the Peanuts.

So far, the favorite has been being tied up by Oliver's Star Wars guys.

Captured by the Star Wars guys
Some may think he's silly, and that is okay. But we're a silly family and the holidays can be hard and stressful. And I know I tend to get a little down around this time of the year, so to see the joy and happiness on mostly Oliver's face when he finds "Knows" driving his truck or eating ice cream while sitting in our freezer - it makes me happy. It's the little things, that's what this time of year should be about. These little moments that will stay with them forever.

Driving the big yellow truck

Sneaking a bite of Landon's birthday cupcake

just sitting in the freezer - eating some ice cream

I know I am missing a few days, the best thing about toddlers is they don't even really realize if Knows has been sitting in the same spot for 4 days. Next year, I'll have to up my game, but this year we're just having fun!

If you're interested in Knows and all his shenanigans - you can follow along on Instagram.  

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  1. Hi friend!

    I LOVE these ideas and hope you are well.

    More importantly, where did you get that Peanuts nesting group!?!?

    Have a great Monday!

  2. I can't wait to do Elf on the Shelf when I have kids! I think it's such a fun idea!

  3. Those are some great ideas. I may need to borrow some of them for our elf, Dash

    New follower from the blog hop


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