Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coffee Talk #14

I think this is number 14. I don't know - I skipped a few. Oops.

1. What is your winter "must haves?" (feel free to show off something from Polyvore)

winter favorites

winter favorites by lynz1011 featuring eos

I love layering! I can't stand winter coats, so once it gets cold I'm all about the layers. Gloves, hats, scarves are fun. Warm boots, comfy sweaters and hoodies. And of course COFFEE.

2. What is on your Christmas wish list this year?! 

The only thing I really wanted was an automatic car starter. We don't have a garage and my car is out in the cold all day long. Its a pain in the ass having to go out in the snow to start it and warm it up. Especially with the littles. Being able to start it from the house and have it warm up before I get the kids out there would be wonderful!! Thanks to a Groupon - I totally got a great deal on one! Merry Christmas to me!! :) 

3. What is your favorite holiday coffee/tea/alcoholic beverage? 
I'm simple. I just really love regular coffee with the International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha creamer. I could literally drink that stuff right out of the bottle. And if we're talking about alcohol this one winery around here had a warm wine - it's freaking delicious. 

4. Top 3 must have holiday desserts. 
I love Cut Out cookies. They are by far my absolute favorite!! 

5. What time do you get up to open presents from Santa? Do you clean up right away, or do you leave it there in a huge pile until its the night before trash day? 
I am like a child. I seriously cannot sleep on Christmas Eve. I wake up like every hour and look at the clock. I'm usually up for good at 5. I've been known to wake Ryan up that early - and last year we woke Oliver up because we were both so excited!! I really can't wait until Christmas. We clean up right away - I can't handle a mess.   

6. What's your New Years Resolution? 
Oh you know the usual, go to the gym more. yadda, yadda. 


  1. 1. My must-haves this year are a pea-coat that fits around my post-prego bod, yellow scarves and gloves, and berets.

    2. I want an orange purse I've been drooling over at TJ Maxx and 6 clipboards for an office organization project. I'm lame, what can I say?

    3. Regular coffee, with a hint of peppermint for the holidays.

    4. Snickerdoodles, any kind of cheesecake, and those cheap little cookies with the sugar sprinkles.. IDK what they're called but they're addicting.

    5. It's our first year with a wee one, so I guess we'll see!!!

    6. To look kick-ass at my brother-in-law's wedding this July. I'm giving myself some time to get fab.

  2. I love love love love everything you posted for the outfit!! Especially the sweaters!! Ohhhh *drool* Love your style! :)

    An automatic car starter would be amazing...

    1. Thank you. I really want that sweater! :) And yes, even though the snow hasn't been bad --yet! The automatic car starter is wonderful!! :)

  3. Dude. Seriously. We are like twins! I can't sleep in Christmas eve either! I am sooooooooooo excited too!!!! And there is salted caramel creamer?? MUST HAVE SOME!!!!!!!!


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