Friday, December 21, 2012

When You Ask A Two Year Old A Question.....

....when you ask a two year old a question you may not get the straightest of answers.....

The other night I lost my glasses. The last place I remembered them being was on the coffee table. Anything on the coffee table is up for grabs when the children are awake. Landon likes to take my glasses and try to eat them. Oliver is usually good at watching out for such things, but the other night - someone missed something and my glasses ended up - missing.

Frantically, I started looking in the couch cushions and under the table. I had Ryan looking under the chair and behind the furniture. Then we asked Oliver if he knew where my glasses were. He said they were in the tree. Yes, he said they were in the Christmas tree!

So Ryan and I believed him and started looking though the branches and behind ornaments. Maybe they fell to the bottom, we thought. So we moved the tree skirt but there was nothing. So I had the bright idea to ask Oliver where exactly in the tree he put my glasses. He points to a spot in the front. Again, we're reaching in the branches for these glasses, always coming up empty handed.

This time Ryan decides to ask Oliver where the glasses where. He said they were in his new basketball toy thing. There is a little hole that the ball can fall though and it's possible that someone stuck the glasses down in the hole. Of course it's small, child size so Ryan can't actually see in the hole or put his hand in there. He attempts to take it apart. Of course, it's a child's toy so need all the tools ever made. While Ryan was out looking for a screwdriver to pry open the basketball toy, I was still looking though the branches of the Christmas tree.

This time, I was prepared with my headlamp. No, not a flashlight because here, flashlights are toys and are either missing or the batteries were dead. So headlamp it was.

Again, I asked Oliver where my glasses were. And again, he told me in the tree. I asked him to show me exactly where he stuck them and he told me in the ornament. I knew it was far fetched to believe him that they were actually in the tree, but we had looked everywhere. And I was certain the last place I had them was on the coffee table.

Ryan walks in from the kitchen, with my glasses on his face. Apparently, I wore them into the kitchen and took them off. I don't remember putting my glasses on or wearing them into the kitchen. I sure don't remember taking them off out there either. Momma brain at its finest I suppose.

I can't stop laughing over this. I can only imagine what Oliver was thinking while Ryan and I are trying to take apart toys and dismantle Christmas trees.

From our family to yours
Be Merry 

Merry Christmas! 

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  1. So funny. Just wait till hes older and does that to you on purpose just to see you go crazy looking for something like my 14 year old does lol


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