Friday, January 11, 2013

A Tantrum In The Bathroom

Oliver doesn't sleep. Like ever. Well that's a lie, he does sleep though the night but he is wide awake kicking his door at 5 most mornings. So we've been cutting back on his naps, hoping that will help his sleeping patterns. Or whatever it is he does from 7pm until 5am.

Unfortunately when my sweet little cherub doesn't get a nap, he begins to melt down around 4pm. I try to stretch out that time with fun things like, dancing and food. At this point, it is hit or miss on if he will actually like the food or use it as a weapon, it all depends. This particular day, he was happy with his fruit snacks. I made dinner and he ate all of it, no sneaking it to the dog or meltdowns over 'I don't like chicken!"

However, after dinner was when it all went to hell in a hand basket. Earlier in the day I was organizing the bathroom, I had taken some of those gems that are used to fill vases and put them in a cup to hold my make up brushes. Thank you Pinterest. Anyways, he was sitting on the potty, sorry, toilet and he asked to see one of those gems. I gave it to him and he dropped it in the toilet. Right in his shit water.

"Get it!" he said to me.

"I'm not going to get it, there is poop and pee in there!"

"GO GET IT!" he scream at me as he threw off his Elmo potty seat and almost decapitated his brother who was getting ready for the tantrum that was brewing on the floor next to me. [front row seats to my brother melting down over a rock! - I can totally hear him saying that.]

"No. I'm not going to get it, we'll just flush it and I'll let you see a new one!"

I literally had to stop him from reaching his hand into the shit water to grab this stupid gem. At this point he is in full meltdown mode. "YOU GET THAT ROCK FOR ME!" He screamed. I just kept telling him I wasn't and then I did it, I flushed the toilet. Down went the poop, down went the gem. [sorry town of Tonawanda]

After that, I saw my life flash before my eyes. Seriously, 28 years flashing in front of my face - they say that happens in near death experiences. Well it happened to me.  And I saw my sweet cherub faced toddler turn into the Incredible Hulk. His voice deepened, and he let out his rage like a body builder on  steroids. He pushed at me and the cabinet. He opened the drawer and threw some nail polish on the floor. He kicked at the stool I was sitting on and when he was satisfied with the mess he made in the bathroom he moved on to the hallway, where he attempted to throw my lotion through the cat door [he succeeded on the second try], knocked over a laundry basket and his bin of Star Wars guys.

He was pissed!

Like a good mother, I recorded his tantrum. How else am I ever going to get him to clean his room, take out the garbage or mow the law.

When he is 16 and wants to go out with his friends instead of chores, I am going to pull that shit out and show everyone. Oh you have a date? I'm sure your new friend would love to see you throwing a tantrum, and trying to knock over a toilet.

While I was sitting on the floor trying to calmly [at this point its almost 6:30 - I'm not sure where the patience was coming from.] console him, he would get more upset, so I walked away and he followed me like I was the one in trouble. Like I was the one who was being punished. YOU FLUSHED THE TOILET AND NOW YOU MUST LISTEN TO ME SCREAM AT YOU!

I sat on the floor and waited for him to tire himself out and give up. I started sending parts of the video to Ryan. I had to actually turn the video on at one point, and over comes Linda Blair pre-possession. My sweet faced, blue eyed boy was back. His face tear stained and eyes red. His hair a little messed up and he had a small quiver in his lip, but he was back. He sat down on my lap, looked at the video for a moment then looked me in the eyes and quietly said, "I'm a hot mess!"

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  1. Oh man! That is the ultimate tantrums. I give you credit because I probably would have spanked his butt and sat him in a corner for a time out. It's so hard when they go into meltdown mode because they are over tired. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. They need naps but then they have issues at bedtime. Good for you for staying calm!!


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