Monday, January 28, 2013

{Project 52} Rise Early

Week four of {Project 52} is Rise Early. If you have no idea what I am even talking about, head over to Awesomely Awake and check out her new series.

It's funny, how this is one of the challenges - this is something that I have been trying to incorporate into my life for some time now. Unfortunately, the last few days the boys sleeping patterns have been all over the place. I've been up at 4am for three nights in a row. Not by choice - because children have been sick, or teething or just decided 4am was a great time to get up and party. So my sleep has been broken up.

Sigh...such is life as a mom.

I haven't always been an "early bird" I'd much rather stay up late, but when I stay up late, I try so hard to be quiet that I don't get anything else done. Especially if I have been taking care of the kids all day, laying on the couch after everyone is in bed sounds much more enjoyable than anything else. So I have been forcing myself to get to bed earlier and so I can get up before everyone.

I do some of my best writing in the mornings when it's just me awake. I must have vivid dreams during the night because my mind has so much going on, that sitting and writing it all down relaxes me. I also find the early morning is when I come up with some great crafts, remember this? It was a thought I had when I woke one morning and realized we had a ton of diaper boxes.

I touched on waking early in the previous weeks, which you can read here. So I will keep it simple - waking early works for me. It makes me feel more prepared for the day and more balanced. I suggest you try it.

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