Sunday, January 27, 2013

{Project 52} Set a Daily Intention

Week 3 of {Project 52} is to Set a Daily Intention. I try to do this a lot. I find that when I write something down and put it out into the universe, the day tends to go better. I write it big at the top of my to do list so that I can see it though out the day. Then I say it a few times, mostly when I feel myself getting overwhelmed or annoyed. I stop, breathe and just repeat my intention until I feel better. Sometimes, just reading it over and over -- helps. Seeing how you intend the day to go, makes getting there seem a little more possible, even when everything around you is saying otherwise.

For this specific day, I wrote "Enjoy the little things" a simple statement can have such a major impact on the day. Our days are chaotic, I won't lie about that. Oliver needs (wants) one thing and Landon needs another. Sometimes I am rushing from moment to moment that I don't really have time to just sit...and enjoy the little moments. The little things. Like having lunch together, at the same time. Making jokes and singing songs. Those moments don't last long -- when the dog steals someone sandwich or the cup of milk spills over. The moment is gone. Poof, never to be had again. Staying present during those brief moments, helps putting it all into perspective. At least for me. I think that's why I take pictures of everything, even the most mundane or random -- to me they are the things that I don't want to forget.

I love sitting at my dining room table to write out my to do list and my intentions. That's the quieter of the rooms, even though the dog spends most of her days in there. I feel better sitting at a table to write things out.  Sometimes I can get it done in the morning, like I talked about the other day. If the kids are awake, I usually do it after breakfast - I send them in to play and I can 'sometimes' sit at the table, drink my coffee and plan my day.

Some of my favorite intentions, that I tend to use a lot are:

Let it go
Just breathe
Enjoy the little things
Find beauty around you
It's Okay
Just say yes (I keep making myself use this one, Its hard to always say yes!)

Do you set intentions? If so, do you do them daily, or weekly? Before you have something important to do? Share some of your intentions in the comments, and make sure to check out Awesomely Awake!

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