Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Project 52} Start Where You Are

Week 2 of Project 52 is Start Where You Are. This was difficult for me because I am always looking ahead. To the things that need to get done, the to do list, the things I want to do and the things that are always looming over the horizon.

To say I am a worrier is an understatement. I am the biggest worrier. And its something that I know I need to just let go of. When or if it happens is when it needs to be dealt with, not now. Right now I need to Start Where I Am.

Looking in the living room this morning, this is what I see. I am learning to be okay with the chaos. Its not dirty, its lived it and the things that have gone on in here this morning are making my children happy. Making them happy, makes me happy. The dishes can wait, the laundry will be there later. Right now, this is where I am.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the things, but looking at my living room, full of toys and pictures and comfort - I am reminded that this life that I am living is the life that I have always wanted.

 Where I am -- is where I am meant to be. 

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