Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Project 52: Stay Awake} Sleep

I was playing around on Pinterest the other day, and I came across Project 52 A Challenge to Stay Awake. I clicked on the picture and went to the blog. Hmm, I thought - this is something that I need. Something that I have been looking for - something to help me be more present in the everyday.

Each Monday, they will give a new prompt to think about and answer. So I am going to do it. Every week, (I'm a little behind) I am going to blog about my journey and document it with pictures.

I am behind so I am going to catch up by posting the first three weeks now!

Week 1: Sleep

I love to sleep. It is one of my most favorite things to do. However, now that I have children the luxury of going to bed and waking up whenever has been lost. I am on their schedule and even though they are great night sleepers now, they do wake up very early. Mornings come fast when I spend half the night up, playing around on the computer having 'me time.'

For awhile, I was staying up until midnight 1AM, and I know me, my body does better with more sleep - so going to bed so late like that, and the kids waking up at 6, I was waking up so very tired and grouchy.

What I read instead of sleeping
Lately, I have been forcing myself to go to bed earlier, to give up on that mindless computer surfing, book reading, catching up on the DVR and just go to bed. I can feel the differences. Most mornings, I am awake before the boys now, and that time is better than the time I spent staying up late. I find myself happier if I wake up on my own, if I have even a small amount of time to give myself a pep talk for the day. I make coffee and get the dog taken care of. I plan my to do list and sometimes I even get a shower. Those things make me feel more prepared, and less rushed.

For so long I believed that 'me time' meant that it was something that I needed to do. Clean, craft, make jewelry, read etc. But now I believe that me time is more of a taking care of me thing. Sure I love all of those things (minus cleaning) but sleep is something that makes me feel better. Makes me a better mom. A more patient mom. A less grouchy mom.

So now, instead of staying up every night I stay up maybe 2 nights out of the week sometimes three and the other nights I make myself go to bed earlier. For now, it's working.

I encourage you to go check out Awesomely Awake  and {Project 52} play along if you wish. It's fun!

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