Friday, January 25, 2013

S.P.E.L.L It Out

We're at the point in our lives where Ryan and I need to spell certain words out when we are around the kids. Well, mostly Oliver. Landon is still in his own little world.

If you're a parent, or have been around kids you know that they pick up on everything once they are past a certain age. Its hard to be discrete with them when they understand what you are saying. Thats why spelling it out is nice (until they learn how to spell and realize what you're spelling - then you better take up pig latin). Oliver is almost 3 so he has no idea what we are spelling - it works nicely when we're talking about B.E.D.T.I.M.E or if I can't wait until they are asleep so I can have some I.C.E C.R.E.A.M.

The concept isn't hard, pick a few words and spell them out - apparently Ryan missed the memo on how this little game works because this was our conversation the other day...

Me: I found some new S.T.A.R W.A.R.S sheets for his new B.E.D
Ryan: Cool. I. F.O.U.N.D A S.T.A.R W.A.R.S P.O.S.T.E.R T.H.A.T I........


He didn't even finish spelling out his sentence because the look on my face said, WTF are you even saying. He was spelling out the whole freaking sentence!!

Not only did Oliver have any clue what his father was talking about -- I didn't either. It was hilarious and annoying all at the same time.

So for now, we're going to continue to spell it out and I'm going to T.E.A.C.H Ryan how this game actually works.


  1. This made me laugh hysterically because of couse as I am reading I'm spelling it out and I got completely lost too. Poor Ryan....he definitely missed the spelling of the "key words" only bit.

  2. We do that too, and I've always been a good speller...until now. I'm always adding extra letters or leaving important ones out so it's pretty much pointless. OR, if we spell something in front of someone new, then they repeat it in front of the kid! "If you'd like, you can play with some b-u-b-b-l-e-s outside." "Bubbles? cool." Then the kid has spazz attack until bubbles are had.

  3. OMG. This spelling game is a constant source of frustration in my house. Whenever I spell something out, my husband immediately says the word out loud to verify that he understood the word I was spelling.

    And then my toddler is too smart for it anyway. The other day we were driving and I said I wanted to stop at Wendys to get a F-R-O-S-T-Y and heidi shouts from the background "Oh I want one too! I want a F-g-h--i-s too!" inserting random letters. She knows now that if I spell something it must mean its extra wonderful.


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