Saturday, January 19, 2013

There Was That Day I Dyed My Hair Red

Some of my best ideas are a total bust. I know this, and yet I do them anyway. Like last night when I had the bright idea to try to dye my hair red. Now my hair is pretty much black. You know what happens when your hair is black right? Anything other than black won't take and you end up with black hair and red roots.


Im not even going to water mark it, because - really? 

That's what the stylists call "hot roots" also known as, you totally effed up your head and look ridiculous.

Its sort of punky and a whole lot of, nope.

Ryan was real nice about it at first. He came up while it was still wet and our conversation went something like this....

Ryan: Hi! Oh, hey! You um, colored your hair? It''s
Me: Yeah, it totally didn't work. Just on the top - cool huh?!
Ryan: Yeah, its...its...nice?
Me: I know it looks like shit - I'll fix it tomorrow.
Ryan: Okay, good - I wasn't exactly sure I should say anything. I didn't know if you noticed or not.

Like I wouldn't notice. It looks like the purple people eater pooped on my head.

On a better note, Ryan is home today. Its not ever Saturday that he is off so when he is, its a grand occasion. He made pancakes this morning and we did the whole 'create your own' pancake. Oliver picked  gummy bears and sprinkles. You know what happens when you mix gummy bears in pancake mix and cook them? Yeah, that idea was about as smart as trying to color my hair red. Big sticky mess. However they tasted like Candy Land, or how I imagined candy land would taste.

I created the chocolate chip coconut pancake. There is no recipe for this concoction just a handful of chocolate chips, a sprinkle or two of sweetened coconut (because unsweetened is disgusting!) and a whole lot of love.

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