Monday, January 7, 2013

Walk This Way

Guys, Landon is walking. I knew it was coming, honestly I thought it was going to be before his first birthday but apparently he had other plans. He found his legs and he is using them! It started off slow, he would hold onto the table and take a step and a lunge towards the chair, but after practicing that for a few months, he is actually taking steps.

He's still a little Frankenstein-ish but he's trying! He has a lot of things going on to help him with his balance. Oliver's 'land mine' of toys. Oliver loves to dump everything out of his toy bin all over the floor and then leaves it there for me to step on or for Landon to practice walking around. He apparently thinks its a game.

Then there is Oatmeal. She loves Landon, so whenever they are in the same room she will run around him. It's almost like she's playing a game of Chicken with him. He doesn't know if she's actually going to run into him or around him. She plays fair most of the time and he's starting to catch on and not fall down.

One of the best things about Landon walking is how excited Oliver gets when he sees Landon walking. Well, most of the time he gets excited. Unless he is on a mission for one of Oliver's toys and he will hip check him down to the floor. However, most of the time he claps and says, "Momma! Look, Landon is walkin'!" Then we all get excited for Landon and he laughs and usually falls on the floor.

So grown up. I look at him and he is a little boy now. No longer a baby. But still my baby. I am so grateful for these two precious children. They annoy the ever living daylights out of me, but I wouldn't change any of this.


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