Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oliver Gets A New Room

This year we wanted to do something different for Oliver's third birthday. We've done the big parties and had everyone over to celebrate, but honestly its exhausting to plan for so many people and in February there is always a chance that the weather won't cooperate and we'd have to reschedule.

So, Ryan and I decided to have a small party on his actual birthday with just family and a few close friends. Then for his gift, we would redo his bedroom. He would get a real, big kid room. And it was going to be a complete surprise. I have spent months picking out paint and bedding, choosing the colors and the little details. This past weekend all our planning finally came together.

Sunday I dropped Oliver off at my grandparents to spend the night, Ryan stayed at the house to start the painting.  Just to give you an idea of what we were working with, here are a few before pictures.

So yeah, as you can see there wasn't much to it. It was cute when he was a baby, he had a woodland creatures theme with the bedding and wall decals. I painted the tree while I was pregnant with him. It was hard to watch Ryan paint over it. It was like closing a chapter. I still remember that day, I remember what I was wearing and I was listening to Jeff Buckley sing, "Hallelujah" while Oliver danced around in my tummy. It was his favorite song, and still is. I was sad to see the tree go, but I was so excited to give Oliver a room of his own.

We worked all day to make sure we had it finished by Monday. Ryan painted all the walls, I did the doors, windows and trim. Then I put everything together. By the end of the night I was so exhausted, but the room turned out better than I had ever expected.

The bookshelf is my favorite part of his room. It includes everything that Oliver loves. I feel that it represents him well and I love that things are at his level now. He can touch them and look at them close up.

Speaking of close up. See that Star Wars picture on the top of the bookshelf? Let's get a closer look at that.

Do you recognize those two people? That picture was taken in Disney on our honeymoon. It's Oliver's favorite picture. For the longest time he would walk around saying, "Daddy is Luke and Momma is Princess Leia" It was only right to include it in his room.

These modern pictures are from boxes of toys Ryan found for Landon. We cut them so they were even and just hung them from string with some clothes pins. I'd love to take credit for this - but it was totally Ryan's idea. I really love it. The shelf was in his room before - the Disney characters were a gift from my uncle. It's an ongoing joke in the family - my side are Yankee fans and Ryan's side loves the Red Sox so every year the boys get something Yankees and something Red Sox. Don't worry, there are a few Red Sox things around his room too - unfortunately when I went to take a picture, they were all blurry ;)

Major transformation going on in this room. We really tried to use the things that we had. The table next to the bed was my grandmothers, and it was in my bedroom growing up. She painted it black for me a few years ago. Oliver really wanted a lamp, so I thought that table would work perfectly next to his bed. The lamp is new, its from The Christmas Shop. Oliver was with me when I picked it out - actually he picked it out thinking it was for me. The bedding and comforter are from Target. The headboard is from his crib. The bed frame and mattress are awesome. We knew we wanted to get Oliver a full sized bed, it was the next step in his whole convertible crib thing so I look around and did a lot of research online. I found on Walmart some great reviews for the Spa Sensations Steel Smart Base Bed Frame it had almost   1,500 reviews and most of them gave it 5 stars. I loved it because he didn't need a box spring. We were on a budget and I really didn't want to spend a ton of money on a bed frame plus a mattress and box spring. After searching for frames I looked at mattresses. The Slumber 1 Mattress In a Box got my attention. This bed had almost 1,200 reviews and most of them were 5 stars. I also loved the concept of the whole bed in the box. I am serious - watch the video, its crazy how this bed works.

This bed is fantastic. It is so comfortable, you would never know it was shipped to my house rolled up and in a box. I am so happy with both of the purchases.

The paint was from Home Depot. It is Behr - the gray is Gentle Rain and the blue is Peaceful Night.
The three prints over the dresser are from Walflower  on Etsy. The two prints over the bookshelf and the other two (not shown) are from Pikselmatic on Etsy. Ryan got the vinyl decal over the bed on Ebay along with the glow in the dark stars. 

We surprised him with it Monday afternoon. Ryan was waiting in his room with the camera while we walked up the stairs. I asked him if he could help me with something in his room. When he opened the door he just stood there and looked around. He didn't say anything but took it all in. Finally we asked him if he liked it and he said, "you did this for me?" That moment made it all worth it. He is so special and now he has a special place, just for himself.

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  2. I love this room so much! I think it is such a great scheme!


  3. You guys did such a great job!! I can't wait to design Sierra's room some day!! Oliver must have LOVED it!!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness Ian is OBSESSED with Star Wars too! Every night he watches about 20 minutes of it before he goes to bed. I found these star wars wall decals at Walmart and he was beyond excited. I love those prints!!! So cute!

  5. Oliver's room turned out awesome. I love that you were able to give it a star wars theme without it being insane. It has a perfect amount of other stuff mixed in :)

  6. Looks great! I sold you the Star Wars prints (Walflower) Love to see them in action!


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