Thursday, March 7, 2013

{Project 52} Say Yes.

I'm a little behind in {Project 52} challenges. Week 8 is Say Yes. I am not going to lie, sometimes it is easier for me to just say no. No play doh. No movies. No we can't go outside. There is no real reason for me to say no. Besides it may be a little too cold outside - it is Buffalo and March. Its still pretty cold.

As for the play doh or movies. Its mainly because I just don't want the added mess. Or noise. But I sound like a real big buzz kill and even I get sick of myself saying no all the time.

So I've been working more on saying yes. Really, there is no harm in saying yes if it's something that's not dangerous. I've been involving Oliver more in the kitchen with me. He loves to help me cook and for awhile I would tell him no, only because it was faster for me to get dinner cooked without the distraction of a 3 year old. Once I stopped to think about the memories I was making with him, how I would always include him in baking or making meals before Landon got here or when Landon was a newborn, I felt guilty. I don't want him remembering me saying no to everything. How fair is that?

So saying yes more. At first, it was a little more work on me. More things to do (clean up all the play doh off the floor) taking longer to make meals etc. But now its actually fun. And he's happier. He just wanted to be included.

Saying yes doesn't have to for big things, sometimes just saying yes to an extra cookie or another bedtime story is all it takes to make a memory and put a little smile on a sweet little boys face.

Yes, we're all made up to look like cats! 

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  1. I need to join you on the 'say yes' wagon. Aaden hears no alot. And like you, I have no real reason for saying it. I just want a minute away or less mess (playdoh is constantly asked for). Good luck!


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