Saturday, June 29, 2013


When things are weird or off, I tend to avoid them. Pretend its not as awkward as it seems. Move along and hope things fall back into place.

I've been playing this game of avoidance since, what, March.

Yeah. A while.

Things have been weird. I have felt weird. I have missed blogging, but I have also felt that I was putting to much of myself out there. There are some strange ass people out there y'all. I am not even kidding.

So then I pulled back a bit. Put the breaks on and figured I would just let it sit for a bit and see how everything felt after some time.

Months went by and we've been living our life, all the while Little Mudpies was in the back of my brain. Hanging out, knocking, setting off bombs - trying to come back to life.

I've been going back and forth with how personal I want to get here. For so long, I had like 3 readers. Everyone I know in real life so I felt safe. I'm not stupid, I know that anyone can stumble upon this little old blog and read about all the things. But it just feels different now. Maybe I am different. (getting deep here!)


I don't want to get to a point where I look back and realize I missed all this shit. I missed writing down the random crap that Oliver said. The words that Landon is learning or the stupid ass haircut that I gave Oatmeal.

I guess when something is part of your life for a certain amount of time, its just hard to quit it.

So, I am coming back.


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