Sunday, July 7, 2013


I'm not going to start this out by saying, "six years ago I married my best friend...." 
Although it is true, I'm not going for cheesy, I am going for real. 
I married a man who leaves his dirty dishes in the sink, who listens to awful music, who takes out the trash and cleans the cat litter because he knows that I hate it. Who works hard for this family and likes (no loves) craft beer. Who is selfless and kind and would do anything for anyone without expecting something in return. Someone that I admire everyday. 
He will tell you that I overreact and swear too much. He will tell you that I take forever to get ready and I am forgetful. He will tell you that sometimes, just sometimes I am a brat but he loves me anyway. That I love him and these two boys with a fierceness that was born the day our sweet children came into this world. 
Our marriage has been an adventure, filled with joy and heartache. Yet, we've become stronger and more determined on making our family work. We aren't perfect, our marriage is a progress but I love him more today than I did six years ago. 

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  1. So sweet!! Marriage is definitely work but your doing great :) Congrats on 6!!! I'm so glad I got to see you start your life together!! Have a wonderful day!


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