Monday, July 1, 2013

You Are What You Eat

We've all heard it before, "you are what you eat" you eat like crap, you feel like crap. Honestly, its not rocket science - however, I am dense and it takes me awhile to put two and two together. 

When I was younger, I could eat whatever the hell I wanted. I wasn't fat, however I thought I was. I would stand in the mirror and pinch the nonexistent fat on my stomach. I'd like to really go back and throat punch that girl. For real. 


Since I have become older, and a mom things have changed. My body is no longer resilient to the crap I put into it. It doesn't bounce back like I am use to it doing. My metabolism pretty much told me to eff off. 

Things that were once okay for me to eat, no longer agree with me. Like dairy. I will admit I love all dairy (except cottage cheese, that shit is disgusting!) but since I had Landon I just can't eat it without getting sick. Ryan has been lactose intolerant since he was younger, I always said I would cry if it ever happened to me. I'm not gonna lie, once I put two and two together and realized what was making me sick, I did cry. 

Then I tried to ignore it and that didn't work. So now, I have the choice, eat something that I know will make me feel like garbage for that instant gratification or change my views on it and leave it alone. Its not as enjoyable anymore when I know its going to make the feel like crap. 

We've all really been trying to change our views on food and how and why we are eating. We are a bunch of snackers in this house. All of us would be content grazing throughout the day, and that's okay if its not junk food that we're grazing on. obviously not everyday, meals are important I know this but trying to get two toddlers to sit down at the table and actually eat more than two bites takes a lot off patience. Somedays I just don't have it in me. So graze we will.

For the most part, the boys are amazing with eating fruits and veggies. In fact the other day I asked Oliver what he wanted from the store and he said, "Apples, carrots, kale and chia seeds." However, they have both inherited my sweet tooth so I've been trying (not only for myself) to introduce them to other things that can be just as delicious as cookies or ice cream. 

Oliver knows that junk food causes stomach aches, I've told him enough that eating crappy makes us feel crappy. Its just sometimes, we all want a cookie. 

Since Landon has been born *18 months ago!* I have tried to lose the weight. I have been on Weight Watchers and counted calories. Started (and stopped) the C25K. Been to spinning and stopped going to spinning. I am awesome at starting something, however, I really suck at continuing it. I am much happier holding the couch down. But I am not really happier with how I feel.

That's why, now, I am committed to do this. To actually start living healthier. For the boys but mostly for myself. I love myself too much to not put myself first. I have been everything to everyone for so long that now, I am going to be something for myself. I am determined to push myself past that comfort zone and lose the weight that I have been dragging around for far too long. I'm writing it here for accountability. If it is written here, it is real and not just some idea in my head. People have read it, I have read it (and will continue to read it) over and over until I reach my goal. 

Have any healthy recipes you wish to share? I'd love to try some new things!! 

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